Kracklin’ Kamit Product Review – massive crunch!

For 303cycling By Veronica Penney, “Bike lover. Food enthusiast. Human.”

When I opened my first bag of Kracklin’ KAMUT, I saw what appeared to be puffed brown rice. I’ve eaten my fair share of bland superfood snacks and failed amaranth porridge, so I approached KAMUT with mild trepidation.

I have to say that I underestimated these little puffs.

These crunchy, salty, savory flavor morsels could not be further from a deconstructed rice cake. KAMUT is a brand of Khorasan wheat, grown by Big Sandy Organics in Big Sandy, Mont. After harvest, the grains are roasted in cold-pressed safflower oil and, according to Big Sandy Organics, “lightly seasoned with sea salt from ancient buried sites in Utah.” I don’t know exactly what that means in practice, but I do love a little mystery with my afternoon snack.

The Kracklin’ KAMUT snack packs weigh in at 1.4 oz and 190 calories, with 6 g of fat and 5 g of protein. Compared to modern wheat, KAMUT Khorasan wheat has more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, in addition to providing a source for the trace mineral selenium, which aids in thyroid function and the prevention of prostate cancer.

Kracklin’ KAMUT is a great, nutrient-rich option to replace crackers, chips, and cookies. Just don’t eat it during meetings. (It’s really crunchy. Really.)

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