Katie Macarelli’s Legs Featured in Bicycling

katieBicycling.com asks cyclists, “What Do Your Cycling Legs Say About You?”

Meaty Pillars Of Strength. Chicken Legs. Adventure Makers. Cyclists have a unique relationship with our legs. Six riders tell us what theirs mean to them.

Meaty Pillars of Strength

Avid commuter and cyclocross racer Katie Macarelli shares Sarah’s sense of pride and, with characteristic humor, refers to her legs as “meaty pillars of strength.” Macarelli commutes year-round to work at Feedback Sports in Golden, Colorado. “My legs say I’m a mom who wears a lot of sunscreen, but still has sick lines,” said Macarelli. “My legs can be #brave #fast #smart #fearless #balancebeams #shaky #practical #myvehicle.”

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