Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Race Report #2

By 303 Ambassador Erin Trail

This is the second of three race reports for the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial (KHMTT). For Race Report #1, click here.

About the Race
The KHMTT is a 7 week series that runs every Wednesday night from April 7 through May 18, 2016 and is a fundraiser for BRAC and the Cancer Fitness Institute in memory of Karen Hornbostel, a four-time master’s national road champion. The course is a 9.5 mile ride that goes through Cherry Creek State Park. The series registration is $160 but they also offer a 4-pack for $100 or individual races for $30. You also need to purchase a USA Cycling (USAC) license ($70) and a Bicycle Racing of Colorado (BRAC) license ($25). The good thing about these licenses is that they’re good for road, mountain, or cyclocross bike races.

Race Report #2
Rather than write about my TT experience, which is pretty consistent week to week (I rode *expletive* hard and *expletive* fast), for my second race report, I’d do a feature on a team that not only participates in the series but also is a platform for helping more women get into cycling and racing.

Dana Platin and Roberta Smith, Naked Women’s Racing Team
Dana Platin and Roberta Smith, Naked Women’s Racing Team

I met Roberta Smith from the Naked Women’s Racing Team in week 2 – she was the rider immediately behind me. Roberta is not only crazy fast (she zoomed past me within 1:30 of my start), she’s incredibly nice and an ambassador for the sport of cycling. She didn’t hesitate to offer this newbie some great tips and some whoops of encouragement as we zoomed by each other on the course. She also introduced me to her teammates and others in her close-knit community and I instantly felt like I had friends.

About Naked Women’s Racing Team:
“Naked Women’s Racing was founded in November 2010 by three competitive cyclists passionate about women’s racing and simply getting more women on bikes. The team has grown to include 100+ women in all categories of competitive cycling. The team competes in road, track, cyclocross, and mountain biking. In 2012, the team incorporated a club to foster women who are cycling enthusiasts and thinking of trying out racing. Though we support the beginner racer, we’ve won several state and national titles as a team as well as our individual members. Drink Naked. Ride Naked!
Our team is an all-women’s cycling team based in Colorado. In addition to being great ambassadors to cycling, we are also involved in the community.

Photo from Team Naked Racing
Photo from Team Naked Racing

All race team members are expected to volunteer for Ride for Reading (our nonprofit philanthropy) and our team race. Before you apply, please understand that any race reimbursements are tied to the volunteer hours, race responsibilities, as well as your racing schedule. Please see our Race Team Responsibilities to get a taste of what our 2017 race team responsibilities will be. Our race team is about giving back, mentoring new riders, and camaraderie. If you only want to race your bike and see what you get for free, this IS NOT the team for you.”

While the 2016 Racing Team is full, you can apply to be a part of the Club Team. Click here for details on how to join!

Thanks to 303 Cycling and KHMTT for the opportunity to race in this series and thanks for Naked Racing for making me feel at home!

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