Just when you think you have bike fitting problems…

By Khem Suthiwan

As a self-proclaimed “fun-sized” human being (5’3″ on a good day to be exact), bike fit is everything. Like many riders, I’ve made the classic mistake of buying a cheap bike on clearance at a big box store to only find out later it was too big for me. Nonetheless, I found an awesome bike fitter that was able to make a series of adjustments to include swapping out my stem amongst other tweaks in order to make this bike somewhat rideable. Needless to say, I ended up selling that bike a few years later and since have never purchased a ride without having a professional bike fit.

But what if you are on the other end of the spectrum? Like Shaquille O’Neal? I stumbled upon this article that provided some pretty entertaining details about the custom Thomson Titanium bike made for Shaq himself. 75.9cm top tube, custom triple tree forks, 36″ wheels, 14-speed wheel set, custom 220mm cranks. Holy cow!

Check out the article “How Do You Build a Bike Big Enough for Shaquille O’Neal?” on Bicycling.com by Riley Missel.

Photo from Instagram: @bikethomson

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