Ice baths don’t work for recovery, study finds

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Heat is better for muscles, study in Journal of Physiology concludes

Ice baths became so popular among athletes that Amstel went so far as to open a ‘Cold Tub Pub’ (Courtesy Amstel)

After a long, hard ride, what sounds better — a hot shower or submerging yourself in a bath tub full of ice? While many pro athletes have taken to doing the latter, a study published by The Journal of Physiology concluded that heat is better for muscle recovery.

The study, published Oct 4 2017, looked at whether intramuscular temperature affects recovery following endurance-exercise-induced fatigue.

The study found that recovery — measured in mean power output — was better when muscles were warmed to about 38C than when they were cooled to 15C.

The study was done on humans and mice…

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