Hwy 36 – Lefthand Canyon – Lee Hill Drive

Hwy 36 – Lefthand Canyon – Lee Hill Drive

This ride is a little longer than the Olde Stage ride but has alot of the same features. This may sound familiar but the ride starts at the corner of Broadway and Lee Hill Drive in North Boulder. You can ride this loop in either direction but I prefer going counter clockwise. This way you get a little more of a warm up on 36.

Head North on Hwy 36 for about 5 miles. Look for the Green Briar restaurant on your left and that is the beginning of Left Hand Canyon. Turn left. The first part of your warmup is complete. Phase two begins here with a gentle climb of Left Hand Canyon.

Follow Left Hand Canyon for about 5 miles and look for the left hand turn to keep you on Lefthand Canyon. If you go to the right you will be on your way to Jamestown. Ride for another mile and look for Lee Hill Drive. Take a left and get ready to climb. The climbing now gets steeper. It wont last long. The road will flatten out and there will be a sharp left corner in the road. The climb kicks up again but not as steep this time. The road will flatten out again and when you reach the stop sign at Lee Hill and Deer Trail you have reached the top.

Once you have reached the top of climb be prepared for a steep windy decent back into Boulder. The one tricky spot of the decent is when you are almost back into town and you come to the intersection of Lee Hill and Olde Stage. There is no stop sign but the turn onto Olde stage is a sharp one. You just did Lee Hill in Boulder Colorado!

– Difficulty:
– 17.3 miles
– 1650 feet of climbing
– Most of the climbing is gradual until the left hand turn onto Lee Hill Rd.

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