Friday Fun: Horntones – custom MP3 bike bells…

By Cheri Felix

Horntones: Made by a kid strong enough for a woman (or a man).


It’s what we wish we would’ve had as a kid as we rolled up to the playground. But, it’s not too late. Not for you, me or your kids. There are seven different tones to choose from and I’ve had the pleasure of having all seven around my house for the past month. These are MP3 bicycle horns. These are not your mother’s bike bells. These bicycle horns were developed by a boy who was nine years old at the time. Pretty impressive since he backed his ideas up with a detailed schematic. These make a perfect stocking stuffer. With the variety of sounds to choose from I’d have to say the one evoking Clint Eastwood and the Roadrunner’s beep-beep are my favorites. But check it out for yourself. Go to and pick out a few for holiday gifts. At $19.95 a piece, it’s cheap and clean fun.


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