Holiday Gift Guide: The Last Gym Bag You’ll Ever Buy

by 303 Ambassador, Erin Trail



First and foremost, this bag does it ALL. I’m a triathlete and often, I do two gym workouts a day (before and after work. Before I got the Orange Mud Modular Gym Bag I had to cart my gear around in a few bags to haul all of my wet, bulky gear (and my work clothes) around. Now that I’ve found the Modular Gym Bag, my gear hauling system has been simplified down to just this one bag.



The Modular Gym Bag features 2 zippered storage bags that Velcro to the inside of the bag for easy organization. I use one to store my make-up/lotion/hair stuff. The storage bag makes it so I don’t have to hunt for things – the REAL benefit is that the bag is super easy to remove and then put in my bathroom vanity drawer. This means I don’t need multiple sets of expensive facial care and makeup. The other bag is smaller and I use it to hold snacks and other odds and ends. I like to use the shoe compartment to store my swimsuits and shower necessities – it’s nice and water resistant so the rest of my gear doesn’t get wet. And the main compartment is generous enough to store my work clothes/shoes and another full change of clothes + shoes for my evening workout. You could even purchase additional storage bags to further organize your gear. There’s also 4 smaller pockets on the outside of the bag (2 on each side) which make for handy storage of snacks, gym access cards, keys, and other smaller items.

Orange Mud’s mission is to create the “most efficient, well crafted, and super strong gear”. The Modular Gym Bag is the physical manifestation of this mission. From using super tough ballistic-grade nylon as the bag material, the clever use of removable storage bags for easy organization, to having the shoe compartment convert into a changing mat, they really have made this the last gym bag you’ll need purchase.

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