Hecht Ready to Go for the Gold at #CXNATS

“Every race there are learning opportunities. I always try to reflect after the races and think about what I could have done better, what I could have done differently, what I did that was good. I try to duplicate what was good and fix what was bad. I’m always talking to the guys, like Stephen Hyde and Kerry Werner – those guys have a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Kerry talked me through the sprint in Cincy and gave me information on what he would have done differently if he were in my shoes. Those guys really lead by example as well, and I’m learning from them how to have a little bit of patience in the field. If you watch Stephen, he has good starts, but it’s pretty rare that you see him right on top of the hole shot. He’s patient with getting up to the front. So, I’m learning how to have that patience, how to not panic when you’re not at the front at the first corner, and also having the patience to be able to come back from a little mistake. At Pan Ams, I tripped on the stairs and had to pick myself up and chase back after a little bit of a gap. It meant coming together and making sure I didn’t raise my heart rate too much, or sprint too hard or burn too many matches getting back to the group. That was important to my success in that race.”

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