Head Electronic Bicycle Mechanic

The Head Electric Bike Mechanic (HM) is responsible for maintaining the fleet and managing spare parts inventory. The primary goal of the HM is to minimize e-bike downtime and ensure that all equipment in the field is safe and enjoyable to use. The HM is responsible understanding, executing and logging all types of diagnostic and repair procedures needed to maintain all electric bicycles in the fleet, as well as documenting and reporting product component failures to the JUMP product development team. The HM is the primary owner of the work space and, as such, is responsible for maintaining a safe, clean and organized workshop. Additionally, the head mechanic is responsible for training and delegation of diagnostic and repair procedures to the Electrical Drivetrain Technician (EDT) and Maintenance Technicians Levels 1 and 2 (MT1 and MT2). The HM reports to the Field Operations Manager (FOM).

* Optimize the safety and function of the JUMP E-Bike Fleet
* Create and maintain a safe, clean and organized workshop
* Manage spare parts inventory
* Generate spare parts orders and submit to FOM with sufficient lead time to mitigate inventory shortage

* Execute and delegate maintenance procedures
* Train EDT, MT2s and MT1s to properly execute maintenance procedures
* Inspect and evaluate bicycles for safety, function, and cleanliness
* Log all maintenance activity in software through computer or tablet
* Navigate JUMP’s operations software
* Work under the guidance of the Field Operations Manager
* Adhere to all safety protocol

Key Performance Indicators
* Safety and Functionality of all E-Bikes in the Fleet
* Average Bike Downtime
* Average Repair Time
* Workshop Organization
* Spare Parts Availability
* Productivity of EDT, MT2 and MT1
* Quality of component failure reporting
* Communication with FOM and LFT

Rate: 20.00/hour + Benefits
Duration: Open-ended Contract
Client: JUMP (sister company of Uber)
Location: Denver, CO


Interested applicants should contact Evan at  erattle@apexsystems.com

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