Ground Floor Job Opportunity for Break Through Cycling Theft Protection

Director of Sales | MaxTracker – Anti-Theft Bike Protection | GPS + Smartphone App = Stop Bike Theft

MaxTracker is a new company, based in Boulder County, releasing our first product this fall. The MaxTracker electronic device is the first of its kind anti-theft device for bikes. MaxTracker instantly sends bike owners live alerts if their bike is moved by an unauthorized person, even just a few inches. Using the MaxTracker iPhone/Android app, an instant alert pops up on the owner’s phone and begins tracking the bike’s location and movement on a live map. With real time tracking the owner can call police to recover the stolen bike. Often within a few minutes. The bike is recovered and the bad guys go to jail.

MaxTracker uses GPS, cellular connection, motion sensors and its iPhone/Android app to provide instant notification and real time tracking anytime the bike is moved, when the phone app has been set to ARMED. Owners can lock their bikes and have peace of mind, knowing it cannot be stolen without notifying the owner.

The Company

MaxTracker is a new Boulder County based company and the MaxTracker device is our first product. Pre-release showings of the MaxTracker device to cyclists, bike shop owners, national retailers, and Police departments has sparked tremendous interest. MaxTracker was invented, designed and engineered in Boulder, Colorado.

Every day in the US over 4,100 bikes are stolen. That is 1.5 million per year. MaxTracker turns the tables on the thieves, giving bike owners the advantage – for the first time.

The Position

As Director of Sales, you will be responsible for sales and marketing to bicycle retailers and sporting goods retailers, large and small. Marketing at trade shows, cycling events, developing partnerships with bike clubs and organizations.

Knowledge of the cycling industry and experience in a similar sales/marketing position is required.

Proficiency with social media and web marketing is a plus.

Compensation based on your experience and track record in the industry. A generous, results based, bonus plan will offer the opportunity for compensation with no ceiling. MaxTracker has generated lots of pre-release interest and excitement. It will be your responsibility to “Make it Happen”.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to:

(If you want to send more info about why you should be the person joining our team, we would love to see your added info.)

A little more info, from our website:

Why is MaxTracker taking the lead in providing this solution to bicycle theft?

A few years ago our of our Founders, Steve, was driving with his wife to a spot they loved to visit for its scenic mountain biking trails. Their two mountain bikes were secure on the roof rack of their Jeep Cherokee. Along the way they decided to make a quick stop at a deli to pick up food for the trail. It was a gorgeous sunny blue skies Saturday morning. Steve parked steps away from the deli’s front door. They were inside the deli less than 10 minutes. They soon returned, deli sandwiches in hand, only to discover their bikes were gone. The cut bike locks were left dangling from the roof rack.

They called the police. Reports were filled out, but the bikes were never to be seen again. The bike thieves won that day.

Doing our research, determining the need for this product, we have spoken with a number of bike shop owners who have been victims of middle of the night smash and grab robberies. These brazen thieves crashed a truck right through the store front, grabbing a few expensive bikes, tossing them in the back of the truck. Over $50,000 in stolen property, gone in 60 seconds. All of this caught on store security video. The thieves were never caught. The bike thieves won that night too.

Unfortunately these stories happen every day. It never stops. At MaxTracker we are dedicated to turning the odds in your favor. The thieves cannot be allowed to win every day. They deserve to be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This is the mission of our people and company.

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  1. Hi there, can you please tell me what is the difference of your max tracker vs the other ones for bicycles? I leave here in the Clearwater área, do you have it and the stores ? Thanks

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