Golden Giddyup: “Them’s the Laws of the Trail”


We love this new newsletter series from Golden Giddyup:

The Giddyup is all about building community – on the trail and off. With our volunteer teams working on trails throughout Golden, we see lots of great moments between riders and other trail users. And some not so great ones, too. That’s why, with our friends at Laws Whiskey, we’re starting a new series about the Laws of the Trail.

JeffCo sees more daily activity than any other area of our state, with riders, hikers and equestrians traveling from the entire Denver metro area to local trailheads. That’s a lot of use, with hundreds of folks getting their outdoor fix in our backyard. Since we all value this incredible resource, we’re inviting guests to write up their best and worst experiences with mountain bikers to help all of us see trail experiences from a different perspective.

Over the course of the summer you’ll hear from parents, trail runners, hikers, equestrians, and even fellow riders. Tales of great courtesy and kindness will be mixed with opportunities to learn how to avoid scaring the living daylights out of someone just around the corner from our two-wheeled fun. We’ll learn how to safely pass a 2,000-pound horse a few feet from a steep drop. And we’ll hear from a trail runner who avoided a snakebite thanks to great trail talk.

Hopefully, through this shared experience, all of us will work a bit harder to avoid harshing someone else’s mellow.

So stay tuned, keep riding, and don’t stop shaping what you shred.

PS: if you want to get a head start, ride with a bell. “Ring Ring” is way better than “Holy $#!T I’m so sorry!”

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