Georgia Gould: More than a Bicyclist

Photo: Austin Humphreys/The Coloradoan

From The Coloradoan
(Written in January 2016, published today)

Georgia Gould scoops up The Professor and holds the little, brown hen with streaks of green in its neck feathers.

Three other chickens join The Professor in Gould’s backyard coop in northwest Fort Collins. Gould tells a story about the time she locked herself inside.

“I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Did I really just do this to myself?’” said Gould, who won Olympic bronze for mountain biking at the 2012 Games. “I thought I’d be stuck in here the rest of the day.”

Gould didn’t have to wait for rescue. She wiggled her fingers through the chicken wire to grab a stick and unhook the latch. Good thing, because Gould had a lot to do in the two-acre yard that features the chicken coop, two apple trees, a large garden and three beehives.

Gould’s garage, which houses a dozen or so bikes — of the road, mountain, cyclocross and motorized dirt variety — is behind the chicken coop. Husband’s Dusty LaBarr’s handmade guitars and other woodworking projects lie across a large worktable. A poster of Gould, in her signature blue LUNA team jersey, hangs from a wall.

It’s late January, and coming off an impressive second-place finish in the U.S. Cyclocross Nationals race, Gould finally gets to enjoy the offseason in Fort Collins.

The offseason doesn’t last long.

She started her mountain bike season in March. This spring, UCI World Cup races will send Gould to Austria, France, Germany and Scotland. In August is the Rio 2016 Games, a place Gould hopes to be…

Read the full article and watch video interview & training footage HERE.

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