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BOULDER, COLORADO – OCTOBER 12, 2023 – Full Cycle, Boulder’s Cycling Hub, and home of Colorado Multisport Triathlon Store and the Tune Up Tavern & Espresso (a full-service taproom, cocktail bar, and coffee shop) is expanding its business to offer back-country ski touring equipment and services.

A large part of its 9,000-square-foot retail store will feature world-leading ski tour brands from October to March, including DYNAFIT, POMOCA, SCARPA, DPS SKIS, PHANTOM GLIDE, ORTOVOX, and HESTRA GLOVES.

Ski Touring, also referred to as alpine touring, backcountry skiing, uphill skiing, and ski mountaineering (skimo), has been growing steadily. In fact, the sport of ski mountaineering is making its debut at the 2026 Milano-Cortina Winter Olympics. Since the pandemic, it has become popular with people looking into winter backcountry adventures.  they are exploringopportunities to join with those of similar interests in the community. Full Cycle is getting at the forefront of the fastest-growing segment of the ski industry.

Full Cycle

Full Cycle, with customers storing their bikes away every winter, will bolster its sales and retain more of its employees year-round. It is also an e
xciting opportunity for the participating brands to reach a market segment they have not traditionally been able to target in such a focused way.

Modeled in Europe the brands are participating in an innovative “shop in shop” concept. In this approach, the brands are able to choose which products to supply and merchandise in their part of the store. Full Cycle’s staff, many of whom are already active in the backcountry during winter, will work directly with interested customers, helping them choose the right gear for their needs.

“In addition to being able to retain staff and reduce seasonal losses, we see this as an opportunity to educate our customers on a better way to enjoy Colorado winters,” says Russell Chandler, Owner and General Manager. “They will be able to stay fit without having to depend on an indoor trainer or riding on icy roads and trails. Instead, they get to enjoy sliding around under their own power in the beautiful mountains, even during the coldest months. When they are not out in the backcountry, our tavern will provide kind of a clubhouse, similar to the atmosphere during the summer.  We’ll be holding evening educational events throughout the winter season.”

“We are really excited to work with such a premier retailer like Full Cycle Multisport this winter,” says Mark Mathews, SCARPA VP of Sales. “We see great synergies between their active customer base, who appreciate and seek out market-leading innovation and craftsmanship, and the products that SCARPA offers.”

Steve Kropf, Senior Vice President of DPS Skis, states “We are excited to participate in the Full Cycle ski shop concept and introduce the Boulder community to the complete line of dps skis, bindings, skins and PHANTOM Glide. Skiing and cycling have a significant participant overlap. We believe working with Full Cycle’s team and the other brands is a unique opportunity to bring more people into the sport of backcountry skiing.”

Tom Mason, USA Brand Manager for ORTOVOX adds, “Since we were founded in the Bavarian Alps in 1980, ORTOVOX has focused on protecting mountain athletes and mountains. We are proud to offer our premium safety products and mountain wear to the Full Cycle community.”

“Hestra is excited to be a part of the Full Cycle Program this winter,” comments Dino Dardano, President of Hestra Gloves. “We plan to offer a carefully curated list of products that fit the needs of Boulder’s adventurous and passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts.”

Be sure to check out the kick-off party for Full Cycle Ski, click HERE for more information on the October 26th event.

About Full Cycle – Established in 1982, Full Cycle is Boulder’s Cycling Hub, also home of Colorado Multisport (the country’s premier triathlon store) and the Tune Up Tavern & Espresso. Full Cycle offers performance, commuter, electric bikes for all kinds of terrain. With ample parking, the location is a great place to meet for coffee, ride with friends, come back for a beer, and shop for your next bike. New this year, Full Cycle is offering world class backcountry touring ski equipment from Dynafit, Pomoca, DPS Skis, Scarpa, Ortovox, and Hestra.


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