Former Boulder District Attorney Weighs in on Case of Gwen Inglis death

Mike Foote is a former District Attorney for Boulder, a former state legislator and a very avid cyclist. He was instrumental in passing the Vulnerable User legislation in 2019 to give stricter penalties on motorist who injury or kill pedestrians and cyclists. In the wake of the Gwen Inglis killing while she rode her bike and was struck by what is believed to be an impaired driver, Mike walks us through how this case will unfold.

He shares some of the time frames how cases like this happens, things the DA will probably consider and the pressures of this type of case. He offers advice on how the public can best support the case and influence the DA to go for the max charges.

He shares insights as a legislator on how laws come to be and thoughts around how we can do more and ideas on contacting lawmakers and the judicial system to make the biggest impact.

One thought on “Former Boulder District Attorney Weighs in on Case of Gwen Inglis death

  1. Yeah, just a prosecutor spewing prosecutor garbage. I am a defense lawyer and an avid cyclist. Don’t buy into propaganda that this guy is spewing. I know him and went against him. Same carbon copy prosecutor. Look, what he is advocating and what 303 promotes is not actual justice – it is convictions at any cost. That is anti-American. Knock this garbage off.

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