Garage Overhaul: How to best store bikes & gear

garage before1This past fall we moved our family of seven – two driving, skiing, debris-trailing teenagers; three large 80-pound, kibbel-eating-and-forever-pooping dogs; “never-throw-anything-away” fix-it-handyman husband; and me – multisport enthusiast with n+1 bikes, seeking order and an indoor parking spot.

garage before2For the first time we had a three car garage, and the possibility to finally organize all the STUFF while at the same time carving out actual protected parking space.

It was finally time to get rid of the old cheap Target bike stand that leaned precariously against the wall – not a great stronghold for my precious carbon.

garagebefore3But I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I rung up my old pal Katie Macarelli atFeedback Sports, and said, “I need not only to figure out proper hooks on which to hang my bikes, but I need advice on what to put where, and a swift kick in the backside to get it all done…”

shelley2And voila – Shelley Hartman, of Simply Persnickety entered my life and hopefully instilled organizational habits I’ll retain despite the men and dogs in my life…





Here’s a little video by 5280Elite that recaps the whole adventure and the final product. If you are at all contemplating spring organizing and for once and for all making your garage a useful, pleasant, even peaceful place, for crying out loud what are you waiting for? Check out the organizational tools of Feedback Sports and considering hiring a real, live professional like Shelley Hartman.

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