Foothills Road Construction updates

road-constrThanks to Full Cycle Bikes for this summary of Front Range road conditions!

Road Construction Updates
Even though construction season is coming to a close there is definitely still enough going on that you don’t want to stumble into. The bigger projects of note this week are the Flagstaff and the Lefthand constructions zones. Here is the skinny on whats going on at each one.

Flagstaff Construction
Starting on September 26th Flagstaff road will be undergoing an overlay project. They are slated to be covering the section of road between the Boulder County line and the Flagstaff Halfway house. Construction will be going on between 8am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday and is expected to be wrapped up around middle of October.

Lefthand Canyon Construction
Despite Lefthand being reopened for riding there is still a good amount of construction going on up there. The most notable section to be warned about is between the Lee Hill Intersection and right below Ward. The road there has been stripped in sections, and is totally dirt in others. Its still rideable for the adventurous soul, but it isn’t anywhere near as smooth as the section between Olde Stage and Jamestown. Anyone looking to ride in that area should expect anywhere from 15 minutes to an hours worth of delay between Monday and Friday from 7am-5pm. Blasting will be happening as well between 9am-1pm.
For more information on the work, contact Andrew Barth, Transportation Department communications specialist, at or call 303-441-1032.

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