Fall Time Trial Series Considered at Chatfield

COBRAS Cycling Club and Bicycle Colorado are working to create a three-week mid-week time trial series in Chatfield State Park in the Fall.

Chatfield has new pavement, wide shoulders and is willing to consider a bicycle event for the first time in decades.

Please help organizers and this survey, click HERE

Nothing is certain yet as we work with park management to come up with a course and dates that works for our riders as well as the park.

To put on this series, we need two things:

  • Participants. We need an estimate of the number of riders who are interested in this new series. We need to know that we will be able to at least break even financially.
  • Help. The COBRAS cannot do this alone and needs a partner club to help run the series. We are a small club and running the seven-week spring time trial series at Cherry Creek is a significant undertaking. We need another club to take on some of the responsibility for this new series, such a Race Director, marshals, start line marshals and someone to handle the storage and setting up of the equipment. The partner club would also share in any profit or loss.

Please take a moment and take a very short survey!

We are planning for an 11.2-mile course with 366 feet of elevation gain. It would start near the marina on the south side, turnaround at the east boat ramp parking area, then end near the marina at the RV dump station.

The tentative course is shown in the map below.

Thank you and let’s make this happen!

Larry Potter
COBRAS Cycling Club

Chris McGee
Bicycle Colorado’s Event Support Program

Time Trial

Photo by Ryan Muncy

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