Denver Based Alchemy Intros New Mountain Bike, The Arktos, Interchangeable Suspension and Wheel Compatibility

DENVER, COLO, March 2nd, 2021 —Alchemy Bikes, known for their exclusive patented Sine Suspension system, introduces their new carbon Arktos mountain bike.

Yesterday 303 visited Alchemy’s office and manufacturing facility along the Cherry Creek bike path to check out the new Arktos. We hadn’t been here before and took a tour and met the staff. They make their own carbon and titanium frames here–very high quality ones at that. Not many people make carbon frames in the United States. Customers have one place they can have a custom carbon or titanium frame made locally is pretty cool. Look for a more comprehensive article about Alchemy and all their bikes and how they design and make them!

The Arktos is designed to allow for three travel configurations and two wheel sizes (29” and mixed-wheel “mullet” 29”/27.5” compatibility) with one frame. It also features modernized geometry with low standover to improve maneuverability and utilizes dual water-bottle mounts to support those long days in the saddle.

Joe Nicholson pointing out features and benefits of the Arktos

Alchemy Bikes’ philosophy is based on the relentless pursuit of perfection. The new Arktos has followed that path. “This bike has been in development for over 2 years,” says Alchemy founder, Ryan Cannizzaro. “With multiple travel and wheel size options, the Arktos is truly one of the most versatile mountain bikes ever produced.”Alchemy’s Patented Sine Full-Suspension System. The new Arktos features famed designer David Earle’s patented dual-linkage suspension platform called “Sine”(deriving from the shock rate, which resembles a sine wave when graphed).

Mtb product manager Joe Nickolson

The design creates suspension that is regressive through the first part of thetravel to absorb small bumps and provide climbing traction. It is progressive in the middle to avoid wallowing on big hits or in hard, fast corners, and is regressive again in the last 15 percent of the stroke so the bike can use all of its rear-wheel travel.

Brand manager Bryce Wood (left) and founder Ryan Cannizzaro

“We have made big improvements to the new Arktos, culminating in what we feel is one of the best riding mountain bikes to date,” said Alchemy Engineer Matt Maczuzak. “We are now on our 3rd refinement of our patented Sine Suspension system and the ride-quality for both climbing and descending continues to improve. Alchemy racers, Evan Geankoplis andTodd Renwick will be competing on the Arktos in 2021. From professional racers toenthusiasts, we think you’re going to love this ride.”

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