Cyclist’s 4 Community’s Crank it Forward event May 17th!

Cyclist’s 4 Community’s third annual Crank It Forward! fundraising gala takes place the evening of Friday May 17th at the Boulder Jewish Community Center. Formed after the 2013 floods, C4C gave $200,000 to local communities affected by the flooding. Continuing out of that positive experience of partnering with communities, C4C has grown into other collaborative roles in the community.

C4C partnered with Boulder County and donated $17,000 for a variable message board that is positioned around Boulder County and dedicated to displaying messages regarding cycling.

Additionally, C4C donated $20,000 to Boulder County allowing it to qualify for $80,000 in federal matching grant monies. The result, in part, funds 45 bicycle friendly driver classes reaching 900 students, mostly commercial drivers, in Boulder County in 2019.

In shared formal comment with its peer nonprofit, Community Cycles, C4C successfully recommended the inclusion of Vision Zero comprehensive safety and engineering systems into Boulder County’s Transportation Master Plan update. If formally adopted sometime in June, Vision Zero would bring objective standards to County transportation infrastructure, planning, and policy.

Currently, one of C4C’s main projects is to create sample video bicycle friendly driver and auto friendly cyclist content that can be widely scaled and adapted for online use. Such content will reach thousands of contacts and cover multiple subjects regarding the law and community standards for sharing the roads.

One can learn more, donate and support, and buy Crank It Forward! tickets at

Check out some of the live auction items:

Live Auction Item #3 Preview

Giant Bicycles LaFree E+2 (minimum bid $1200)

LaFree E+ is a perfect introduction to the exciting world of E-bikes. Designed for recreational riders, this upright and comfortable machine lets you cruise up climbs and cover longer distances in way less time. The SyncDrive Life motor delivers 60Nm of smooth, quiet power that feels naturally in sync with your own pedaling. You can personalize it to your preferred riding style with an easy-to-use mobile app. Choose the perfect pedal-assist mode as you ride, or simply select our proprietary “Auto mode” setting that automatically adjusts the motor support to the terrain. LaFree’s low step-through design makes it easy to get on and off, and the lower, centralized motor position creates a balanced, stable ride quality. The EnergyPak battery is simple to charge on or off the bike with the included fast charger and any standard wall outlet. It delivers a long range of up to 65 miles on a single charge. Our RideControl One command center offers a simple, compact hand control interface that makes it easy to switch power modes, monitor battery levels, and control accessories while you ride.
Live Auction Item #2 Preview

In-Home Cooking Class with Chef Fabio Flagiello

Michelin rated chef Fabio Flagiello comes to your house and shows you the ins and outs of Italian cuisine. Avid cyclist and co-founder of the Strade Bianchi Cafe now open in Boulder, Chef Flagiello will give you a hands on tutorial on how to elevate your own Italian cooking.

Fabio also operates Fabio Cycling Tours. Who could ask for more than a good ride and a good meal?

Live Auction Item #1 Preview

The Great Hobbini Global Cycling Escapades Vietnam Trip

*Sold out except for two spots available at the Crank It Forward live auction.

A private, custom-designed, 2 week “Hobbini Global Cycling Escapades” adventure tour. 8 full riding days, 1 optional riding or trekking day, 2 transfer days, 1 sightseeing day in Hanoi, plus arrival/depart days and international travel. FULLY supported with cyclist guides/translators and vehicles for shuttles and transfers. Daily distances will vary based on route and individual rider preference from 15-75 miles. Multiple pace groups. Lots of climbing! CX/Gravel/MB recommended because of road surfaces.

This is a big one so click here for complete details. Questions? Contact
What Are We Gonna Eat at Crank It Forward!?

Saffron risotto arancini – sun dried tomato pesto gluten free
Spiced almond stuffed and bacon wrapped dates – gluten free, dairy free
Avocado Sushi – Spanish sushi rice, red peppers, cucumber, chipotle horseradish – vegan, gluten free
Grilled white asparagus and chile goat cheese wrapped with prosciutto – gluten free
Herb marinated chicken skewers with spicy peanut dipping sauce and cucumber coriander dipping sauce – gluten free, dairy free
Colorado BBQ meatballs – gluten free
Caprese skewers with fresh mozzarella, basil, and cherry tomatoes drizzled with balsamic glaze, extra virgin olive oil, and kosher salt – gluten free
The list, may, go on…
Get there early so that Reggie can’t eat it all by himself. Those football players can really put it away.

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