Cyclists 4 Community Contributes $30,000 to Boulder County North Foothills Path

September 21, 2022, Boulder–At today’s Wednesday Morning Velo ride, cyclist presented a check of $30,000 to Boulder County on behalf of Cyclists 4 Community to help make the North Foothill Path plan possible.

Cyclists 4 Community marked its $30,000 contribution to Boulder County to help pay down the community match portion of the $400,000 grant that is funding the feasibility study for the North Foothills Path between Boulder and Lyons.

These monies can turn into tens of millions of dollars for the construction of a separated multi-use bikeway whose users will have their serious injuries and fatalities reduced to effectively ze

Most federal transportation grants require a local match which almost always comes from local governments.  When a nonprofit like Cyclists 4 Community contributes to the local match, it is notable to the grant-making committees. 

The plan will lead to millions of dollars in multimodal transportation outcomes for safety improvements, including a separated bikeway along the highway between Boulder and Lyons.  According to studies, the highway between Boulder and Lyons has the state’s highest bike and auto traffic volumes in Colorado without a separated bike path.
This program will make both drivers and bicyclists safer.  (See page 9.)

Cyclists 4 Community thanks its sponsors and its donor community for providing the funding to make this possible. 

Overarching this is Boulder County Transportation Sales Tax Ballot Measure 1C on November 6th’s ballot.  Ballot Measure 1C extends the existing 0.01% sales tax, which is the County’s basic funding mechanism for bicycling projects and transportation projects in general. Please vote YES on this measure to make our roads safer for everyone. #safercycling #bocosafercycling #northfoothillspath

A BIG THANK YOU to the County Commissioners, including Commissioner Levy and Boulder County Transportation staff for making this happen. We want to work with you to make our roads safer for everyone.

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