Cyclist, athlete with cerebral palsy team up to ride for inclusion

Cealey Godwin, 9news

CRESTED BUTTE, Colo — “There is not an ugly part of this 158 miles and when it gets quiet and when it’s just us, we’ll get to hear nature and how beautiful that is to just be a part of something bigger than either of us.”

10,000 feet above sea level, a pop of blue moves between the aspens of Gunnison National Forest.

“My name is Helen Gardner and Hank Poore and I are three days in to a four-day trip riding the West Elk Loop here outside of Crested Butte.”

Helen, tall and slender, has a smile as bright as her red hair and baby blue eyes. Waiting alongside mile marker 5 of Kebler Pass, a little quip rings out among the group. She turns, a smile stretched across her face, as she talks to her riding partner, Hank. The nearly 19-year-old teenager smiles back at her from his special-made rig.

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2 thoughts on “Cyclist, athlete with cerebral palsy team up to ride for inclusion

  1. I am requesting permission to use this wonderful photo on the United Cerebral Palsy website.

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