Cycling through winter possible, but takes practice

From the Daily Camera

Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer

By Carah Wertheimer

For the Camera

For Ben TeBockhorst, the challenge of commuting by bike in January from Lafayette to Boulder pales in comparison to his riding years in Minneapolis and Ames, Iowa, frigid climates requiring studded tires and complete protection of all body surfaces from the elements.

TeBockhorst, store manager at Boulder Cycle Sport Outlet, started biking during college to maintain his high school athlete-level of fitness. It was only later, while commuting to work on the American River Bike Trail in sunny Sacramento, Calif., that he discovered cycling’s subtle pleasures.

“Along that bike path developed a love for that morning and evening decompression. The bike ride to work was good for my brain— focus, non-distraction. It was a good warm up for the day thatgot you in the right place mentally, and then it was decompression on the way home. That carries through to today,” he said.

TeBrockhorst has consistently commuted through the winter, no matter how cold, for more than 20 years.

“Cycling is my meditation,” he said.

Raise the white flag in extreme conditions

While Colorado, with its sunny days and dry climate, is more hospitable to winter cycling than some other regions, TeBockhorst is the first to admit that winter commuting is not for everyone….

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