Crested Butte, Boulder, and Breck Epic named in Outside Magazine’s Best Bike Rides in the World

With so many beautiful and epic places to ride on this planet we call Earth, it is no surprise a few in our very own backyard popped up on this list. Check it out.

From Outside Magazine
By Marc Peruzzi

The 25 Best Bike Rides in the World Right Now

Tour de France stages. Classic British Columbian downhills. Epic gravel grinds in the American heartland. These bucket-list rides are guaranteed to be the most fun you can have on two wheels.

Let’s be clear: this is a subjective list, and you’re going to curse us on social media before you even read it. But just know that this roundup of the best rides on the planet—culled from my own personal experience of riding bikes for the past 30-plus years, as well as the advice of passionate cycling friends—is just gravy. My favorite rides have always been the ones that leave from my garage. But even though bikes are a great form of environmentally friendly recreation and transportation doesn’t mean we all don’t daydream about century-distance rides through the European countryside and fat-tire epics across the Mountain West.

So here goes.

Colle de Finestre
Piemonte, Italy

Style: Road climb
Miles: 11

The Dolomites, in northern Italy, are worthy of the hype, but that’s not all the country has to offer cyclists. The Piemonte region, in the northwest, is also riddled with great climbs and is perhaps even more steeped in Italian cycling culture. Start from the town of Susa, in the Cottian Alps, find your way to the town of Fenestrelle, and if you have the legs, include the Giro d’Italia’s famed Colle de Finestre climb, an 11-mile haul that averages a 9 percent grade and gains some 5,558 feet.

(TRAILSOURCE.COM/Creative Commons)

403 to 401
Crested Butte, Colorado

Style: Cross-country singletrack
Miles: 18

At its best, mountain biking is equal parts aesthetics and whoop-it-up fun, and these two Crested Butte stalwarts—you should link them—are among the sport’s best. Featuring natural flow (no machine-made berms here), expect loamy singletrack, a few sportingly steep corners, and ample high-altitude climbing. Also plan on ripping through wildflowers so tall that they beat your hands, elbows, and even shoulders in some weirdly beautiful masochistic embrace as you fly on by.

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