Community Bike Shop Manager: Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery

Trips for Kids Denver Metro & the Lucky Bikes Re-cyclery has a full-time Shop Manager and full-time Technician Manager to oversee all aspects of its social enterprise retail bike shop, Lucky Bikes Re-cyclery, a program of TKDM.   This is an opportunity to use bike shop related skills and experience to make a difference in the lives of kids and their families.

Lucky Bikes Re-cyclery (LBR), located at Federal and Jewell in Denver, accepts donated bikes and re-purposes those as appropriate for re-sale to the surrounding community.  The donated bikes come from private individuals and from greater Denver Metro Area bicycle retail shops.  LBR typically receives more than 700 donated bikes over the course of a year and sells more than 500 into the community.

LBR also sells accessories and does some small amount of bike service, but its primary mission is to provide bike purchase opportunity to low income buyers.  In addition to its retail operations, LBR staff (and volunteers) maintain a bike fleet of approximately 60 trail bikes that are used in the Trips for Kids Ride Program and provide retail skill development coaching for youth in the TFKD Youth@Work(TM) Program.

The annual gross revenue of LBR exceeds $150,000,  LBR Staff consists of the Shop Manager, one full time Bike Technician Manager, part time Bike Techs as required and experienced volunteers.

Title:    Lucky Bikes Re-cyclery, Bike Shop technician manager
Reports to:   Bike Shop Manager
Manages:   Co-Manages Lucky Bikes Re-cyclery



  • Bike Donation Sourcing:  Assist with scheduled pickup of donated bikes and engage with Metro area bike shops and other sources to increase the quantity of supply.
  • Donated Bike Disposition and Repair:  Determine whether donated bikes are appropriate for repair and manage LBR technical staff and volunteers to conduct repairs.  Determine retail pricing.  Manage e-Bay Partnership for donated components
  • Manage retail operations including point of sale transactions, inventory, accessories purchase, staffing and training.
  • Maintain the TFKD Ride Program™ Bike Fleet:  Work closely with Ride Program Leadership to determine and support bike fleet readiness requirements .
  • Support TFKD Youth@Work(TM) Programs:  Provide the “in-shop” management, support and coaching of youth interns who many times come from challenging backgrounds and for whom this internship can have a life changing impact.  Manage program metric reporting requirements.
  • Support TFKD Learn to Earn™  Programs:  Refurbish bikes as required to support this program and provide technical support to the program as required from time to time.
  • Co-Manage Bike Shop Operations to meet annual revenue and cost budget objectives.  Work with Bike Shop Manager to create opportunities for managed growth.
  • Staffing and Training: Assist with staff and volunteer support as required to meet LBR mission requirements.  Provide technical training and support as required by volunteers in other TFKD Programs.


●       2-5 years’ Bike Shop retail management experience
●       Strong bike mechanic skills
●       Experience, comfort and passion working with youth ages 10-18 years of age.
●       Co-Manage 1-2 seasonal shop assistants, 4-8 Youth@Work, and several volunteers as needed.
●       Willingness to learn how to plan and support  Trips for Kids Denver Metro safety and educational activities.
●       Experience handling multiple tasks, and responding to crisis situations with a professional and level-headed approach.
●       Ability to work independently and with others as circumstances require.
●       Ability to make individual judgment calls about safety and risk management with students, agency staff and volunteers.
●       Comfort driving van/truck on city streets freeways and mountain driving.
●       Valid driver’s license with clean driving record.
●       Must be able to pass a criminal background check and drug test
●       Spanish speaking (a plus but not required).

Compensation:  Market competitive combination of salary, bonus and a generous vacation program.

Please email, ,  to apply

Trips for Kids Denver Metro’s mission is to empower at-risk and disadvantaged youth, using the bicycle as a tool to foster positive life skills, healthy youth development and a sense of fun and adventure. Bicycling offers an option other than walking/hiking, for youth and families to be active in the outdoors. Since we opened our doors in 2004, we have served largely low-income, at-risk and disadvantaged youth from across the Denver metro area.  Trips for Kids and LBR have grown rapidly and intend to continue to expand their role in serving at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

We operate the following main programs:

•       Ride Program. In partnership with other youth-serving agencies, we provide half and day-long mountain bike experiences for at-risk & low income youth (age 10-23). We provide bikes, helmets, snacks and trained ride leaders. Meeting the partner agency youth at a designated ride location, riding trails challenges youth to exceed their expectations and the great outdoors becomes the classroom to teach an appreciation and awareness of the natural environment. On average, it costs us $50 per child to operate a half day ride and $75 per child for a full day ride.
•       Earn-a-Bike Program. Disadvantaged youth (age 10-23) can earn a bike of their own by completing our training course covering the fundamentals of bike repair/maintenance and the rules of urban bike safety. We offer trainings off-site, at a school or at another agency able to provide space for our training/repair program plus bike storage throughout training.  We bring the staff, necessary bike tools and equipment to the host site. On average it costs us $250 per child to provide a course of ten 2.5-hour sessions.
•       Youth-at-Work Program. This pilot program provides high school youth with supervised, hands-on work experience at our full service bike shop. In 2015, 4 disadvantaged youth who had previously participated in our programming were hired as part-time employees during the summer months and 6 youth with special needs earned classroom credit for their work for us during the school year.

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