Colorado High School Cycling League Announces Year End Awards

2020 Colorado League Season Award Recipients

The Colorado League established Season Awards in 2011 to recognize those who made outstanding contributions to the mission. There are countless student-athletes, volunteers, and partners who shine! These inspirational stories represent the positive impacts provided by the dedicated members of this passionate, close-knit community.

The start of the 2nd Decade was beyond unique with a format designed around the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coaches were even more integral to keeping riders engaged in the Singletrack Solidarity season without in-person racing.

We miss the opportunity to share these stories at a larger celebration. May you imagine sharing your memories with one another and applauding these award recipients in front of the larger community. A video of the final Challenge #5 and the telling of these stories is HERE.

YouTube video of awards presentation

We received 170 nominations this year and every story had merit. We are grateful to all who contribute to establishing and sustaining the magic of the dirt revolution.

Coach of the Year – North and South

Acknowledges a head coach whose qualities as a leader and motivator, embodies the mission to provide student-athletes with the coaching and camaraderie to help them achieve both competitive and non-competitive goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Both of the 2020 award recipients have coached since the very first season in 2010! They maintained an extremely positive attitude during a season without in-person racing. They successfully kept the stoke high for all team members including coaches. Cindy and Jeremy emphasize the importance of academics, individual cycling skills, mechanical knowledge, teamwork, and overall health. They are quiet, humble leaders with a huge impact.

Cindy Dywan

Cindy Dywan, North coach of the year. Cindy has dedicated 11 years to the 7220 Laramie team, aka Speed Goats. She co-founded and directs the Granite Girls Mountain Bike Camp, is a skills trainer, and generously shares her expertise with her peers. She is a very humble and accomplished cyclist. One of her many successes includes competing in the Tour Divide race.

She is the President of Laramie BikeNet and was integral to building the Schoolyard and Pilot Hill trail systems in Laramie. Cindy is a huge ambassador for welcoming girls into the sport. She tutors team members to support their academic endeavors. Cindy is a certified bike mechanic and a tremendous female role model.  Her infectious smile and standard phrase, “Focus on the Fun” keep student-athletes spinning and grinning.

Jeremy Wolf won coach of the year in the South region. Jeremy has been the backbone of the CRMS mountain bike team since 2010. His disarming passion and quiet sense of humor balances his commitment to challenging riders to improve. The team is brimming with talent, girls, and beginners. He compassionately helped riders manage their disappointment, sustained motivation, and continued to develop individual goals and team camaraderie.

He is a respected member of the Mathematics and Science Department. Jeremy was integral in developing a student recognition system that incorporated habits and frequency to measure student growth. This philosophy is ever-present with the mountain bike team. He is an experienced competitor and effectively teaches the parallels of cycling to life.

His mantra of “Ride Proud” regardless of the circumstances permeates the team culture.

All-Star Team—North and South

Acknowledges a team that displays exceptional leadership skills, extraordinary sportsmanship, and a commitment to their coaches, athletes, and volunteers, provides service to their communities, and consistently goes above and beyond.

Golden Team

Golden won as All-Star team in the North. Golden is managed by Andy Logan and Jamson Hendler continued to accommodate growth. They were extremely conscientious of risk management and coach to rider ratios while balancing increased demand. They coordinated several Coach skills clinics to support licensure. They participated in weekend contests and trail work. They facilitated short course challenges for other Jeffco area teams to ride and their female squad flourished.

Montrose took the award in the South. Team participation exploded from D3 to D1 under the leadership of Laurie Brandt and Tim Judkins. With a focus on risk management, they coordinated a local coach skills clinic to support licensure. They committed to the Yeti skills contests every weekend with motivation and innovation. Trail work and photo contests rounded out their many activities this year. Recruiting and retaining Freshman team members is a testament to their welcoming culture

Trailblazer Award

Trailblazers are a student-athlete, coach, or community member who has persevered through challenging circumstances, overcame adversity and is an inspirational role-model.

Klaus Heiman, Boulder, Varsity Legacy

At age 5, Klaus’s life has truly been a battle for survival. He endured years and years of scary, painful, repetitive, uncertain, costly, disruptive cancer treatments. Klaus and his family managed to adapt and put one foot in front of the other.

Klaus Heiman

Watching Klaus race a parent said, “I was awestruck by his power, adaptability, and the freedom and intensity with which he raced.” 

A teammate commented, “He makes it look easy. Some days I can barely get out of bed and this guy is Full Send all the time!” He qualified for Varsity as a junior.

Despite serious reconstructive surgeries and cancer treatments Klaus completed every series race, qualified for State Championships and competed at a high level since 9th grade.

Klaus is young leader participating in fundraisers and events to raise cancer awareness and help others. He is an incredible model of resilience and determination. His can-do attitude despite his major challenge is remarkable

Wiley Corra, Durango

In 2017, Wiley was a happy freshman competitor. He was 2nd Overall in the South Conference and placed 4th at State Championships. That winter he had a tragic accident that resulted in a very serious Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and a multitude of injuries. The initial prognosis was that he may not walk or talk again much less ride a bike. Wiley and his family defied ALL odds.

In 2018, he mustered the energy to cheer for his Durango teammates at a race on his way home from intensive residential treatment. We were overjoyed to see him at the 2019 State Championships in Durango and witness the immense strides he made in less than 2 years. He was exuberant and informed us that he was back on the bike.

His brake levers were switched to accommodate a weaker right side. Despite his asymmetric strength, Wiley has regained his ability to ride technical singletrack. In 2020, he earned a Slingshot award for making the most improvement between 2 challenges.

His rehabilitation continues and he will graduate on time. He constantly cracks jokes and is the first to help beginner riders. Wiley’s affable commitment to overcoming hurdles and forward progress are extraordinary.

Exceptional Student-Athlete – Female and Male

Honors exemplary student-athletes whose personal standards and achievements are a model to others. They demonstrate outstanding leadership, sportsmanship, academic performance, and volunteerism in their team, school, and community.

Lily Hanna, Crested Butte, Varsity Legacy

Lily Hanna

Lily’s consistent dedication earned her Varsity in 11th grade. Her quiet passion for the sport is demonstrated by her commitment to coach youth. She is a competitive dancer while balancing a rigorous academic schedule.

She received the President’s Education Award. She received the Society of Women in Engineering and the Rotary Service Above Self Awards. Lily earned high Advanced Placement exam scores in Statistics and English Composition.

She takes time to pre-ride with younger riders to encourage and boost their confidence. Lily truly exemplifies what it means to be a dedicated student-athlete as well as a contributing member of her community.

Leo Sundstrom, Fairview, Varsity Legacy Rider

Leo is a respected, humble and kind leader on and off the bike. He models that hard work brings rewards and rode Varsity his junior year. More importantly, he loves every ride.

Leo owns his mistakes and never passes blame. He makes a special effort to mentor new riders and never hesitates to express gratitude to coaches.

He maintained a 4.5+ GPA all four years due to his demanding curriculum including AP and IB courses. Leo was on the National Honor Society for 3 years and was named a Colorado Scholar by Colorado College in 2020.

He attended public meetings and wrote letters to the editor advocating for trails and he is extremely committed to trail work. Leo excels with humility and a huge smile!

Out of the Saddle Awards

Acknowledges individuals who are integral to the success of the Colorado League. Their years of commitment, dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm go above and beyond to make a difference in the organization.

Antonio Gallegos, President, Board of Directors, Fairview Coach

Antonio Gallegos

Antonio began volunteering for the Colorado League in 2009 as pro-bono legal counsel. He is the father of two Legacy riders and is a coach.

Antonio joined the Board of Directors in 2018 and was unanimously voted as President. His depth of knowledge on the growth and operations of the organization is exceptional.

This year has been rife with challenges. His thoughtful, effective leadership related to many unforeseen circumstances is unwavering. These issues did not disrupt his steadfast focus to implement short and long-term strategic priorities.

We are immensely grateful to Antonio’s dedicated service and his influential role in the success of the organization.

Ben Lockett, Highlands Ranch Junior Cycling

Ben is the father of a Legacy rider, former Colorado League Board member, and part of the volunteer race crew staff. In 2020, he offered to be the volunteer Executive Director of Highlands Ranch Junior Cycling and head coach of six Highlands Ranch area teams. How and why does he do it all?

Ben’s is profoundly committed to positive youth development. He is dedicated to sustaining the incredible program established by Julie and Roger Ryburn. Julie’s unexpected death was a devastating shock to the community.

Ben did not hesitate to fill the Ryburns’ huge shoes. He honorably sustained their compassionate efficacy. His tireless devotion to the community is beyond measure!

John “Hutch” Hutchinson, Operations Director


Hutch is truly “clutch” to producing an exceptional community experience. He joined us the first race season in 2010. He was critical in the design of the Singletrack Solidarity season. Hutch was the mastermind behind the implementation of the “series”. He devised and directed the Hill Time Trial with utmost precision.

His skills in math, data analysis, marketing, graphics, and strategic planning are essential to the organization. Hutch is an adept, kind manager, leader, and mentor. His commitment to quality and efficiency are top-notch.

His dynamite smile reflects his passion and commitment to the dirt revolution.

Outstanding Partner Award

Recognizes an individual or organization whose outstanding partnership is integral to the success of the Colorado League’s season.

Bill Plock, Owner, 303 Endurance

In early 2020, we contacted Bill to increase our media exposure. 303 Cycling has covered the Colorado League since day one. In 2018, Bill took full ownership of the organization that included 303 Triathlon. Today it is 303 Endurance. His love of cycling, youth, and endurance sports is effusive.

When COVID hit, Bill generously volunteered to film a series of award newscasts. He spent countless hours shooting sessions, editing the material, and ensuring accuracy.

Huge thanks to Bill for energizing the season and highlighting the program in a new way.

Team Golden Pick Award

Golden Pick Award

This award is sponsored by John Shipp of Roadhouse Hospitality Group. The goal is to acknowledge community service and promote trail stewardship. top teams are based on hours per rider. A team from each conference that completes the most trail building hours between April and October earns a Golden Pick and cash. It is calculated on hours per registered rider. A total of 14 Colorado League teams worked on 28 trails for a grand total of 1,082 hours by 650 student-athletes.

Fairview doing trail work

Fairview worked a total of 476 hours which is 4.5 hours per rider. 

Pagosa Springs worked a total of 22 hours which is 2.0 hours per rider.

Way to give back to the sport! Thanks to all for digging where you live.

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