• A Day in the Life: What makes CX riders so STRONG

    Submitted by Dana Willett on October 22nd, 2016

    Check out this video from Allen Krughoff, who rides for Boulder Cycle Sport and is trained by Grant Holicky of Apex Coaching at RallySport… and this is just a typical Tuesday – imagine the other days of the week.

    • SchoolYard CX – Don’t Miss It

      Submitted by Jen Findley on October 19th, 2016

      Thought about trying Cyclocross and haven’t yet? SchoolYard Cross at Alexander Dawson School will wave the single day license fee for any rider who has never done CX before.
      No excuses, great weather, great location, great event! Read more

      • Cross of the North Exec Director, Tech Director, Course Director all step down

        Submitted by Dana Willett on October 12th, 2016

        From Cross of the North’s Facebook Page First off, I’d like to thank every individual that made the Cross of the North what it has become over the past 6 years – Our participants, our sponsors, our vendors, our officials, all the photographers that captured the activity, and especially our volunteers. You all played aRead More

        • Colorado ‘cross racer re-toes the start line at age 65

          Submitted by Dana Willett on October 5th, 2016

          Feedback Sports introduces this great article, saying, Great article about keeping it all in perspective…and from one of our very own Feedback Sports racers/local race promoter, Lee Waldman! From CX Magazine In his last column, Colorado-based Masters racer Lee Waldman looked back on a lifetime of racing and returning to the start line at theRead More

          • Women’s Wednesday: Amy D reminds Cheri Felix she loves CX

            Submitted by Dana Willett on October 5th, 2016

            By Cheri Felix Cyclocross. It’s like the old boyfriend (or girlfriend) who breaks up with you not because there’s anything wrong but simply because he’s moving to a new school. But since nothing bad happened and no one cheated on anyone, you still miss each other. And you can call each other up when theRead More