Colorado Cyclist Jennifer Schumm dealt 4-year sanction by USADA for Doping

Schumm’s public Facebook profile photo

Apparently, 41-year-old Schumm tested positive for testosterone at the 2016 Koppenberg Boulder Spring Classic in Superior, Colorado.


USADA announced today that a three-member panel of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) has rendered its decision in the case of U.S. Cycling athlete Jennifer Schumm, of Greenwood Village, Colo., and has determined that Schumm should receive a four-year sanction after testing positive for a prohibited substance.

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6 thoughts on “Colorado Cyclist Jennifer Schumm dealt 4-year sanction by USADA for Doping

  1. Are there no photos of her in, ya know, an actual BIKE RELATED ACTIVITY that you could find? Something that would keep the shaming to just doping? Please?

  2. This is a bunch of horse shit for sure. This girl gets popped for four years for taking the same bio-T testosterone pellets that her coach and a bunch of other athletes are on every time they race because they received a phony TUE , hypocracy runs rampant in this bull shit cycling organization

  3. This would have been an interesting photo choice

    Pretty obvious why she was using testosterone.

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