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Jessica McWhirt – Jessica McWhirt is a NASM-certified Personal Trainer with a focus on endurance athletes. From first-hand experience, when you start pushing your body out of its comfort zone and meet your fitness goals, that confidence spills over to other aspects of your life. A crucial element of training and keeping at it is the ability to have fun. If you’re not having fun, it’s harder to keep at it. Email:

Rob Donovan Coaching – I am a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and Training Peaks University accredited. I am also veteran Cyclocross and Mountain Bike racer and formal California State Champion. I specialize in coaching cyclocross, mountain, and road. I offer individualized training plans for all types of athletes. Whether you are a beginner entering your first event, a seasoned athlete chasing big ambitions, or just need a one-off training plan for your first century. I use a one-on-one approach for all of my clients. I also take into serious consideration the mental game, nutrition, and work-life balance.

While located in Littleton, I work with athletes all over. Let’s achieve your goals together! Email:


Lee Likes Bikes – Mountain biking is the best sport ever — and the better you get, the better it gets. At Lee Likes Bikes we’ve been working on the Grand Unified Theory of Shred for 14 years … and we are getting better at this every day.

Lee McCormack has worked with more than 5,000 riders of all styles and levels, from first-timers to world champions. So far he’s written nine mountain biking books, including Mastering Mountain Bike Skills and the coaching manual for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). Many of the other MTB skills out there have been learned from Lee … and Lee is constantly improving.

We can help you in a variety of ways:

  •  Online instruction and RideLogic™ bike setup via RideLogic™ is the only setup method that optimizes mountain bikes for handling and power.
  • Skills classes — public, private, and semi-private — with awesome coaches including Lee and Kevin Stiffler, plus in-person RideLogic™ bike setup
  •  Design and build services for pump tracks and bike parks.
  • RipRow™ trainers   RipRow™ was born from thousands of hours instructing riders of all levels, from beginners to pros. It’s the only training tool that precisely replicates the fundamental movements of great riding.

We’re here to help you Ride and Live better! Email:

Pete Webber is a veteran cycling expert with more than 25 years of experience in all types of riding. He offers professional coaching and instruction in Boulder, CO with an emphasis on cyclocross and mountain biking. Pete is a former pro racer, a professional trail expert, and has been inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Pete offers several levels of coaching as well as skills clinics, consulting, and adventures. His coaching style goes much deeper than just writing training plans and interval workouts. Pete offers frequent communication, customized work-outs, bike handling instruction, group workouts, and constant individual attention. Details:

ALP Cycles Coaching – ALP Cycles Coaching is located in the mountains of Colorado and is a cycling coaching company with over 25 years of professional sports experience. ALP Cycles Coaching is unique in that we have 3 female coaches, Alison Powers, Jennifer Sharp, and Patricia Schwager. Each brings her own coaching strengths and personal experiences. We work together to create a training plan that works for each and every person.

AspireCyclingCoaching – Coach Landry is a USAC level 3 certified coach with over a decade of experience in the sport of cycling. He offers a holistic approach to coaching with 1-on-1 communication, a strength training program, and nutritional advice. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Exercise Science and holds a Bachelor’s in Strength and Conditioning and he is excited to pass on his knowledge as an athlete to aspiring cyclists.

More info: Email: – Ben Day/Chris Baldwin = 30 years of professional racing experience. Achieving peak performance is a holistic endeavor. This is what separates athletic coaching from purely a science to an art. DaybyDay Coaching is an endurance athlete coaching company designed to acknowledge the relationship of scientific theory and knowledge while utilizing the experience as professional athletes by incorporating all aspects that makeup peak performance for cyclists and multisport athletes. The coaching services of DaybyDay Coaching focuses on gourmet quality – not quantity, and are targeted to all levels of athletes who have goals and aspirations in bettering their athletic performance and striving to obtain their utmost potential. Coaching plans are absolutely designed for each individual, recognizing the different attributes between one person and the next, as well as their life demands and commitments. DaybyDay coaches work together with their athletes, creating a relationship that enables clear, honest and thorough communication in order to optimize the training time and progress of the athlete. The coach’s experience is combined with open-mindedness, a willingness to learn, continued education, and the confidence and humbleness to refer to experts in their respective fields. DaybyDay Coaching coaches go beyond just writing training programs, ready to offer advice, support and to help the athlete to create a network of professional specialists around them in order to cover all aspects of their athletic performance. There are many facets involved in reaching peak performance – DaybyDay Coaching uses experience to address them all.

EK Endurance Coaching – Professionally coaching since 1999. Working with athletes of all abilities in many different disciplines. Specializing in triathlon and cycling Eric works with runners, rowers, mountain bikers, rock and ice climbers, ski mountaineering athletes, and more, from professional to beginner.

Jeff Winkler is a USAC Level 1 Certified Coach with over 25 years of experience in the sport of cycling. Jeff offers professional-level coaching from Boulder, CO. and currently coaches Road & CX for the CU Cycling Team and individual amateur and professional cyclists worldwide. More info:

Brian Friend (level 2 USAC Certified) together we will win and lose, we will work and play; there will be setbacks and unbelievable success. As we work together to achieve your goals we will run up against hurdles and walls that seem impossible to traverse and then we will breakthrough. More info:

Jennifer Triplett – I am a road and track coach that can help you hone your skills on the banks of a velodrome and the roads of the world. Together we will customize a plan to fit your needs, schedule, and lifestyle. Let me help you and take the guesswork out of what workouts to do, race warm-up, gear selection, nutrition, and mental preparation. Start seeing an immediate benefit the moment we begin. More info:

Rich Voss USACycling level 1 coach with power-based training certification from USAC. He had had this certification since 2005, being one of the first to earn it. Rich specializes in Track Sprint and endurance Track coaching. He has coached several athletes to State, National, and Master World Titles and still races Masters himself. Rich has 13 National and 2 World Titles as well as being the current UCI World Record Holder in the flying 200 Time Trial. This means he not only coaches but trains as well and very much understands the needs of his athletes both from a training standpoint and the technical needs of each Track event. With the new Track opening in Erie, he will be a valuable asset if you are a new Track rider. Email:

Sue Loyd As a USAC level 2 cycling coach, public school teacher, instructional coach, ski instructor, and counselor, Sue has been working with learners and athletes for over 35 years. In addition to coaching individuals, Sue has coached at USA Cycling and Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado junior cycling camps, Peak to Peak Training cycling clinics, and computrainer studio classes. She blends her extensive experience in adult and adolescent learning with coaching junior, senior, and masters level cyclists. Sue’s life-long love of athletics led her first to ski racing, then cycling, running, duathlon and triathlon. While working full time and raising a family, Sue completed two marathons; nine Pikes Peak ascent/marathons; competed in the 2002 USAT World Duathlon Championships, is the current Colorado State criterium champion (2011 and 2012), Colorado State time trial champion (2012), and podiumed at the 2011 and 2012 USAC Masters Nationals. Email:

Paul Lugar has 25 years of racing in multiple disciplines. Paul coaches road, mountain, and cross. He is also a personal trainer so his approach to coaching has a slightly different angle. He makes sure the athlete is sound before progressing their training. His coaching is very personalized. Unlimited contact, instructional rides, and in-depth training plans are part of his coaching. Paul also makes sure the athlete is as well-rounded as possible before entering a competition. Email:

Tucker Olander, while young, brings over 10 years of racing experience and 4 years of coaching knowledge to his clients. He has raced all over the United States, as well as in Europe and the Caribbean, at all levels from junior, to category 4, to elite amateur. Tucker feels comfortable coaching athletes of all ages, all ability levels, and both genders. His coaching offers more of a personal feel than most other coaching programs, as he takes a teaching approach with his athletes rather than merely writing a training plan. Whether you seek to win races, upgrade to the next category, or merely improve your fitness, Olander can help you reach all of your goals! Email:

Adam Zimmerman – With over ten years of competitive running experience and five years of competitive cycling under his belt, Adam has accumulated a lot of knowledge within endurance sports. His more recent love for cycling has taken hold as he has become 100% focused on road cycling over the last few years. In that time Adam has gained a USA Cycling Level 3 Coaching certification and reached the Category Two level of racing. For 2014 Adam will be the directing and coaching the Prestige Imports Junior Cycling Elite Development Team. If you are looking to improve your cycling fitness, road racing skills & tactics, or simply enjoy riding your road bike to your fullest potential Adam can help! –

Kathy Zawadzki – Kathy’s coaching experience began over twenty years ago and encompasses all levels of cyclists, including juniors, masters and Olympic athletes. Her expertise in sports science brought her to the US Olympic Training Center where she worked with USA Cycling and USA Triathlon to develop Olympic athletes. She has co-authored several exercise & sport science journal articles as well as CTS’s popular book “Food for Fitness, Eat Right to Train Right”. Kathy currently works for both CTS and Peak to Peak Training Systems in Denver, and serves on USA Cycling’s Coaching Education Committee. Email:

Jon Heidemann an Elite-Level 1 Certified Cycling Coach with USA Cycling and has over 25 years of professional coaching experience. He has guided athletes of all ages, genders, and physical abilities earning numerous state, national, and international championship medals. In addition to coaching, he directs & assists with numerous cycling camps for USA Cycling and Colorado’s BRAC including the Rocky Mtn Regional Talent Identification and Development Road Camp, the BRAC Jr Road Camp, Assistant Road Coach for the Abitibi Selection Camp, and National Talent Identification and Development Road Camps at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.

In between camps, Coach Jon Directs Junior Development Race Teams in Europe for USA Cycling and hosts the summer-long Peak to Peak Training Systems Table Mtn Race Series in Golden, CO. Jon owns Peak to Peak Training Systems with offices and an indoor training center in Lakewood Colorado at 7310 W Colfax, above Campus Cycles- Lakewood. Email:  Phone: 303-913-3954 More info: Peak to Peak Training Systems I’m Steve Pyle and coach both pure cyclists and triathletes. I have almost 40 years of experience as an athlete beginning as a cyclist. Heard of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic? I rode it back in the day; now I’m an elite age group triathlete. My coaching philosophy combines ‘old school’ and new to make the most of your training time and energy. I coach beginners to elite athletes.

Ann Trombley at Trail Master Coaching – Ann Trombley has been a cycling coach for 10 years and a Physical Therapist for 16 years. She has elite-level racing experience in Mountain, Road, and Cyclo-Cross, culminating at the 2000 Olympics in Australia. She is also the author of Serious Mountain Biking. Ann works well with athletes of all ages and abilities. She has an amazing ability to educate athletes on cycling skills and techniques while creating a training plan to fit each athlete’s specific goals. Her years as a physical therapist ensure you will be biomechanically correct on your bike and injury-free throughout your training season.

Optimize Endurance Services – Whether you’re a seasoned pro of endurance sports or just looking to improve yourself, Optimize Endurance Services is able to help you achieve your goals. OES provides one-on-one consultations and training plans with a variety of tests like lactate threshold. The coaches not only have degreed backgrounds, they also participate in the sports they coach and in continuing education for up-to-date certifications. Please take some time to search around the website and contact us if you have questions. Remember we are structured around the concept of being mobile, which means our services can Optimize your time.

Ben Ollett – Whole Athlete author of Cylocross Training Basics and Pre-Season Training Plan

Ben is a cycling coach with Whole Athlete. He has been coaching for nearly ten years and has worked with all levels and disciplines of cyclists. His athletes have won a total of nine US National Championships including six in the Pro Women’s Mountain Bike category and three at the U23 level. He offers a variety of strength and endurance training services. For more info, go to

Bill Campie has 15 years of endurance sport experience and has coached fellow cyclists for over a decade. Having never had the luxury of bike racing without a family or other commitments, Bill quickly learned that the traditional means of training were not effective for a balanced lifestyle. Bill decided not to let that define his cycling and created a way to compete within real life constraints. Creating a training system that is based on utilizing your time most effectively, Bill has found that carefully crafting training so that work, family, and cycling is all very much a part of the plan creates a holistic approach that develops each aspect of your life. Based on as much discussion about cycling as about your other life goals, the training becomes a part of your life instead an add-on that no one has time for.

Coach Will Dillard of – I am an Elite (Level I) Coach certified through USA Cycling and also a USA Triathlon coach. I have competed in numerous cycling and triathlon events through the years and still compete occasionally. I have coached athletes to National and World Championships in cycling, duathlon and triathlon including podium finishes. I have been coaching competitive cyclist and triathletes for 7 years and I can help you to identify and reach your goals.

FasCat Coaching – FasCat Coaching has recently expanded from a cycling coaching company into a Cycling Performance Center in North Boulder. Inside you’ll be able to talk with an experienced USA Cycling Certified Coach, buy a powermeter, and take an indoor cycling class. Most of all you will be able to have easy access to world class physiological testing and bicycle fitting. FasCat utilizes the state of the art sport science and is especially knowledgeable in training with power. We offer power based coaching at $150 per month and power based indoor cycling classes.

Gemini Training Systems – Gemini Training Systems coaches offer cycling and triathlon training that can help you reach your competition goals. Founded on the principle that personal training and coaching should be affordable, specialized and realistic. We design balanced training plans that meet athletes needs. When you sign on to be coached, your Gemini Training Systems coach will work with you to develop a realistic training program that matches your lifestyle, your goals and your budget. No matter if its cycling, swimming, running or triathlon training, signing on with Gemini Training Systems give you access to a host of professional services.

Source Endurance – Our Mission is to facilitate the accomplishment of each athletic, performance and competitive goal for every client. We do this by offering highly effective training and nutrition advice. Source Endurance employs multiple tools to help you towards your success.Multitude of graduate degrees in fields related to exercise science, physiology, nutrition, and humanities Multiple certifications in applicable fields Practical experience at the highest level of competition Years of professional coaching experience. Please visit for details on specific services such as athletic testing and coaching plans.

Michelle Grainger is a USA Cycling Level 1 coach (with USAC distinction certifications in CX and Mountain Biking) and a certified Strength and Fitness Trainer in Boulder Colorado. Her expertise comes from over 25 years of coaching and racing experience on road and mountain bikes. She currently coaches all levels and ages of athletes in both endurance and ultra endurance events/races. Michelle raced all over the world, holding records in many races from 100 miles to 24 hour and stage racing events. Michelle offers different levels of coaching plans to fit individual needs and goals, including hourly sessions for skills and functional training. More information: and

MTBCoach was founded in 2008 as a coaching and consulting business for racing and training for mountain bike endurance events. The main focus is Cross Country, Endurance, and Ultra-endurance. We specialize in training all levels, novice to pro, and ages 18 and older. We help athletes succeed in their racing goals with personalized coaching and a variety of training plans. The Owner, Head Coach, and USA Cycling Level II Coach, Curt Wilhelm is a master racer successfully competing in cross country, endurance, and ultra-endurance events. He has over 20 years on the mountain bike and is bringing his experience to his coaching and training plans.

High Altitude Training offers high-performance endurance sports coaching to athletes of all abilities and disciplines. From beginner to elite racers we take your fitness to the next level. Head coach Chris Harry is an elite-level USA cycling coach and a Leadville Leadman. More information:

Dee Tidwell has been a mountain biker and a trainer in the fitness/performance industry for over 25 years. He is the Owner of Enduro MTB Training, a mountain bike athlete training and conditioning studio in the Denver Tech Center. EMT is the “Official Training and Soft Tissue Therapist provider” for Yeti Cycles and the Big Mountain Enduro Series and serves the MTB community on many levels. A successful 40+ enduro racer and winner, Dee offers comprehensive online training programs as well as personal coaching options. Either “long-distance/web” coaching or one-on-one training is available to suit each rider’s needs. Trigger point and soft tissue therapy are also available at EMT’s training studio. More information, or

Ryan Kohler is a USA Cycling Level 1 Coach in the Sports Science Department of Boulder Center for Sports Medicine where he focuses on athlete development and performance enhancement through applied Sport Science principles and the latest in performance technology, delivered through an in-house high-performance team of Cycling Coaches, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians, Biomechanists, Sport Psychologists, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Sports Physicians. Email: More info:

Andrea Tollefsrud, CN, LCI, is a 30-year veteran cyclist who’s been teaching bike skills (road & off-road) since 1997. A former road & mountain bike racer for several years, she’s a Certified Bike Skills instructor, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer/Lifestyle Coach, and a Certified Nutritionist! This unique combination allows her to offer a very comprehensive fitness/wellness program to her clients: from the absolute beginner to first-year racers in either discipline. Her detailed teaching manner works with any type of “learner”, and she’s helped hundreds of riders become stronger/faster, safer, and more confident cyclists! Her passion and humor make the learning experience fun and comfortable. and the new Email:

Talitha Vogt – Founder Talitha Vogt is a full-time USAC Level 3 cycling coach and a certified wellness coach with an elite racing background. In addition, she is certified through the cutting-edge Stacy Sims’ WANSM (Women Are Not Small Men) women-specific training course, which is the groundbreaking training methodology referenced in Stacy Sims’ book ROAR. Women-specific coaching is not just another marketing tactic but is rooted in legitimate science and cutting-edge research.

With 22 years of experience as a mountain biker, including 12 total years of racing and other events, and leveraging her wellness coaching experience, she provides custom-tailored training plans and accommodates women-specific coaching for women locally in the front range of Colorado and online for anywhere else in the world. In addition, Girl Bike Luv is a coaching community for women athletes and aspiring fitness enthusiasts- mountain biking, gravel, triathlon, and more. Email:

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