Coloradans All Over Kona, Complete List of Competitors

By Bill Plock

Oct 3rd–2022. Sadly, thanks to mold infestation in a condo we reserved, 303 is not in Kona this year for the 2022 IRONMAN World Championships. With twice the number of usual competitors and all of their friends and family converging on the big island, lodging is a bit of a premium as you can imagine. Getting a cancellation notice in late July with no alternative lodging offered has given us the chance to watch from afar. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate!

Historically Colorado is well represented in Kona. How well you might wonder? This year Colorado ranks as the 5th most represented state with 93 age group athletes. The four states ahead of us in order; California, Texas, New York and Florida. 30 women and 63 men will compete with many having a good chance at a podium finish.

Team Liza, (photo 303’s Khem Suthiwan)

Colorado is home to Team Liza competing as the Challenge Athlete Foundation team. Beth Hodges James and her daughter Liza will brave the challenges of the heat and wind in Kona.

Some other fun facts:

Boulder is home to the most athletes with 15, Highlands Ranch is second with 7, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Golden and Lakewood are home to 5 athletes.

Mia Keller is the youngest competitor at 24 and Mike Leahy is our oldest at 73.

We have seven athletes at 37 years of age followed by six who are 48 and five who are 53.

Brian and Todd are the most popular male names with four and Caitlyn is the most popular female name with two, although there is a Kristen and a Kristin so that almost qualifies ūüôā

Below is the entire list of Colorado age group athletes, congratulations to all of them!! Have a fun and safe time and race!

Acuna Aaron M35-39 MALE 36 Lakewood
Adams Mark M55-59 MALE 57 Castle Rock
Alexander Caitlin W30-34 FEMALE 33 Boulder
Andzejewicz Brian M40-44 MALE 43 Boulder
Banks Kami W45-49 FEMALE 46 Colorado Springs
Born David M30-34 MALE 30 Ft. Collins
Botyarov Michael M25-29 MALE 28 Highlands Ranch
Brown Jason M35-39 MALE 37 Denver
Bye John M50-54 MALE 53 Golden
Campbell Iain M60-64 MALE 61 Boulder
Clark David M60-64 MALE 63 Carbondale
Clymor Ruth W35-39 FEMALE 38 Lakewood
Collier Nicholas M40-44 MALE 41 Colorado Springs
Cummins Kristen W45-49 FEMALE 48 Niwot
Davis Chad M35-39 MALE 38 Littleton
De Simone Flavio M50-54 MALE 51 Boulder
Dorn Jon M55-59 MALE 56 Boulder
Doyle Matthew M25-29 MALE 25 Highlands Ranch
Duback Nicole W50-54 FEMALE 50 Lakewood
Dumas Mike M40-44 MALE 39 Erie
Eshpeter Warren M25-29 MALE 25 Broomfield
Fieldhack Jeff M50-54 MALE 53 Ft. Collins
Fleming Casey W25-29 FEMALE 29 Broomfield
Gant Matt M35-39 MALE 36 Littleton
Goett Kristin W25-29 FEMALE 26 Broomfield
Gramer David M35-39 MALE 35 Parker
Gray Lawrence M55-59 MALE 56 Boulder
Gutknecht Eric M50-54 MALE 49 Denver
Halewski Steven M30-34 MALE 33 Denver
Hart Ellen W60-64 FEMALE 64 Denver
Hassel Diana W55-59 FEMALE 54 Fort Collins
Hawkins Todd M45-49 MALE 48 Lone tree
Herring Brent M40-44 MALE 40 Breckenridge
Hewitson Darren M35-39 MALE 37 Denver
Hildebrandt Ian M25-29 MALE 28 Denver
Hola Tim M45-49 MALE 48 Highlands Ranch
Homan Joel M40-44 MALE 41 Grand Junction
Howson Chris M50-54 MALE 52 Highlands Ranch
Hubbard Gerard M35-39 MALE 36 Littleton
Jackson Keith M30-34 MALE 30 Fort Collins
James Liza PC OPEN/ EXHIBITION FEMALE 26 Crested Butte
Kachinsky Christine W50-54 FEMALE 51 Golden
Keller Steven M45-49 MALE 46 Aurora
Keller Mia W18-24 FEMALE 24 Denver
Killinger Andrew M40-44 MALE 41 Parker
Krotik Bart M60-64 MALE 64 Highlands Ranch
Lambert Brian M35-39 MALE 39 BOULDER
Larson Perry M60-64 MALE 60 Highlands Ranch
Leahy Mike M70-74 MALE 73 Colorado Springs
Lehman Kyle M35-39 MALE 35 Denver
Lindquist Gregory M40-44 MALE 39 Boulder
Lozes Brian M30-34 MALE 32 Boulder
Lyall Wendy W45-49 FEMALE 48 Glenwood Springs
Lytle Todd M50-54 MALE 53 Lakewood
Malone Kelly M55-59 MALE 58 Golden
Marcoux Laura W35-39 FEMALE 34 Golden
Mccarter J. Christian M50-54 MALE 53 Denver
Nesbitt Brian M45-49 MALE 47 Golden
O’Malley Edward M45-49 MALE 45 Boulder
O’Sullivan James M35-39 MALE 37 Englewood
Owen Elwyn M60-64 MALE 60 Highlands Ranch
Peltier Sarah W45-49 FEMALE 44 superior
Pendergraft Aaron M40-44 MALE 40 TImnath
Peters Karin W55-59 FEMALE 56 Timnath
Rens Kevin M55-59 MALE 57 louisville
Ritter Marc M45-49 MALE 48 denver
Robinson Mary W35-39 FEMALE 37 Longmont
Robinson Todd M45-49 MALE 49 Longmont
Rogers Annette W35-39 FEMALE 37 Broomfield
Rosin Greg M70-74 MALE 70 Breckenridge
Royster Brooks M25-29 MALE 28 Boulder
Rusch Maggie W35-39 FEMALE 35 Boulder
Schafer Mallory W35-39 FEMALE 36 Lakewood
Schlesser Michele W50-54 FEMALE 53 Louisville
Seddon John M40-44 MALE 40 Colorado Springs
Slavin Katie W30-34 FEMALE 30 Lafayette
Smith Kevin M45-49 MALE 49 Englewood
Snyder Quay M65-69 MALE 67 Monument
Soules Carolyn W45-49 FEMALE 48 Telluride
Standifer Caitlin W30-34 FEMALE 33 Boulder
Steves Gwendolyn W40-44 FEMALE 43 pueblo west
Swayze Jetson M35-39 MALE 37 Longmont
Teren Todd M35-39 MALE 34 Denver
Thompson Emily W45-49 FEMALE 46 Superior
Tonder Scott M35-39 MALE 37 Colorado Springs
Vallee Lauren W35-39 FEMALE 38 Boulder
Van Meveren Bryan M55-59 MALE 57 Ft.Collins
Wiebe Sandi W70-74 FEMALE 72 Boulder
Wien Mike M70-74 MALE 71 Boulder
Wiggin Parker M60-64 MALE 59 Gunnison
Wight Risa W60-64 FEMALE 60 Longmont
Yamada Scott M40-44 MALE 40 Denver
Zajac Jodi W55-59 FEMALE 54 Colorado Springs

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