• Friday Fun: Team Sky boys meet their Minis

    Submitted by 303cycling on July 29th, 2016

    In case you missed this gem earlier in the week…   And that’s a wrap! Now that the Tour is over the Team Sky boys meet their Minis and get asked the tough questions.

    • Submitted by 303cycling on July 13th, 2016

      UPDATE 7/13/16
      From Salida Cycling Club Regarding the Hayden Fire

      The excitement for this weekend’s cycling races is growing, and so is the concern over the growing fire south of town. We just wanted to send a short update to keep you all informed over the current conditions and ease any confusion as you prepare for your race weekend. . . Read more

      • Tour de France Preview: Fairly unprepared Midwestern boys ride the course

        Submitted by 303cycling on July 1st, 2016

        On the eve of this year’s Tour, a look back at a bucket list trip over the high cols of the French Alps
        This year marks the decade anniversary of that time I threw up a little bit in my mouth while riding up Alpe d’Huez. It was barely a third of the way up the climb, on our third day of hard riding. I’d lost the wheel of my buddy Brian, was feeling bonky, and pedaling… Read more

        • Parker Mainstreet Criterium UPDATE – New Cat 5 Crown

          Submitted by 303cycling on June 13th, 2016

          Cat 5 love from Without Limits: New Cat 5 Crown, and comped one-day licenses at this weekend’s Parker Mainstreet Criterium. Read more

          • Boulder Element Stage Race UPDATE

            Submitted by 303cycling on June 9th, 2016

            Please read this Boulder Element Race Press Release from Barry Lee – Without Limits Race Director

            Dear Colorado cyclist,

            We’d first off like to thank you all for your support of the new Boulder Element weekend – a 3 day timed based omnium. This brand new format took some creativity, but USA Cycling was fully on board and helped us format the finer details to mesh within their existing rule book. Our goal for this weekend was simple; brand new courses, the elimination of all dirt sections, and to give the racer the flexibility to pick and choose what days of racing fit their family, work, and personal lives.

            So something must be up or you wouldn’t be reading a new press release right now… Read more

            • Ridge at 38 Criterium – Colorado Sr. Crit Championships

              Submitted by 303cycling on June 6th, 2016

              The Ridge at 38 crit was a huge success! check out photos and results… Read more

              • Beginners Guide to Bike Racing, Part II – For Women

                Submitted by 303cycling on June 3rd, 2016

                Part II of our Beginner’s Guide Series (Read Part I HERE)

                I was recently asked, What it was like as a women trying to navigate the road race scene?


                First of all, Gear. Lots of bike shops and cycling gear manufacturers are coming around these days, but for a long time the theory was, “shrink it and pink it.” I am not a fan of pink… Read more

                • Beginners Guide to Bike Racing, Part I

                  Submitted by 303cycling on June 1st, 2016

                  So you want to race road bikes?

                  303cycling presents, “A beginners step by step guide to navigating the sometimes complicated world of bike racing”

                  This is a 3-part series featuring Lance Panigutti of Without Limits Productions, Dana Willett of 303 Media, and Ainslie Maceachran of Gemini Coaching.

                  Every spring and summer many of us have the same internal conversation with ourselves, “I’d love to get into bike racing, but I don’t know where to start.” You’re a casual bike rider, maybe did a few races in another part of the country and want to get back into the scene, or have been a mountain biker your whole life and want to try something new. So where do you start answering the list of potential questions in this mysterious racing world? Read more

                  • 303Radio: Lance Panigutti discusses “insane schedule”

                    Submitted by 303cycling on June 1st, 2016

                    Brought to you by Feedback Sports, 303Radio’s George Thomas chats with Lance Panigutti of Without Limits about Colorado’s endurance mecca… “Why can’t a mountain biker hop in a triathlon?” Hear about the Oz road race, the re-planted Harvest Moon, cross-over athletes, Koppenberg, and all the WOL cycling & tri events:

                     Read more

                    • NEW EVENT: Parker Mainstreet Criterium comes to life!

                      Submitted by 303cycling on May 23rd, 2016

                      If cycling races were like Frankenstein, then it seems some serious voltage has been pumped into the Parker race weekend… it’s “alive” folks. Before all the villagers can storm the castle with torches and pitchforks, keep reading for background and announcements… Read more