• FIAC Stage Race National Championships.. and DeadDog Update

    Submitted by Kris Thompson on March 9th, 2008

    There is a posting on the ACA forums today that explains a lot of new information about the DeadDog race of which most importantly the addition of the race getting the classification to be the 2008 FIAC Stage Race National Championships. Check out the post and the website all of the information if you are serious about this race! Read more

    • Maybe No Stazio but There is Still Racing Going On!

      Submitted by Kris Thompson on March 6th, 2008

      Wondering what to do this weekend with no Stazio? Walk around the malls, join the Boulder critical mass or race at DU?. Every year many forget about the great “other” races that take place in the spring time. Usually the fields for these events are small but with no ACA racing crit racing going on then maybe you should check it out! Read more

      • CU Team Has Great Season Opener!

        Submitted by Kris Thompson on March 3rd, 2008

        Just got word of the success the CU squad had this past weekend. It would probably take fewer words to say what they did not win then what they did. Read more

        • CU Crit Flyer Announced

          Submitted by Kris Thompson on February 28th, 2008

          March 23rd is the date for CU’s race. I’m a little confused by the name, maybe because my mind usually rides in the gutter but “Bikes and Bunnies”? Will the womens squad be riding in bikini’s for the event? Read more

          • Boulder Representative Speaks Out on Stazio Crits!

            Submitted by Kris Thompson on February 26th, 2008

            I picked this up from http://www.ryanfonkert.com/cycling_forum/.

            This is sad…

            Make of this what you will.
            We had worked closely with Chris Grealish for the past two years on a plan for the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department to coordinate the races. This was supposed to happen in 2008, but late in 2007, Chris decided that it would be best if he continue to run the races (knowing what the rental fee was). This decision was based on the fact that the City’s finance structure will not allow us to retain any monies generated by the races to go back specifically into cycling and Valmont City Park. By Chris running the races, any money generated can be earmarked for whatever he chooses.
            I worked with him to reduce the rates to as low as we could ($910 for hosting multiple races), but he made the decision to not pursue the races this year. Read more

            • Racing Starts this Weekend…If You Are in College

              Submitted by Kris Thompson on February 25th, 2008

              Stazio Crits are still canceled but if you are lucky(?) to be in college then get ready because this weekend is your first taste of it in New Mexico! This weekend I rode with some of the CU team and ah, they’re not ready or I’m smoking fast (I’ve been off the bike since cx nationals). Read more

              • City of Boulder is Killing Stazio Races!

                Submitted by Kris Thompson on February 20th, 2008

                This just in….. Looks like the rental fees asked by the city are so high that it might not be worth it to have the races… Read more

                • 6 Day Track Racing Coming to Fort Collins!

                  Submitted by Kris Thompson on February 14th, 2008

                  I still don’t know how this will work but who cares, I’m for at least checking it out if not racing. Here is an broadcast email I got from the FTC Velodrome association Read more

                  • Boulder Roubaix

                    Submitted by Kris Thompson on February 5th, 2008

                    The Boulder Roubaix is a road race that takes place in the northern part of Boulder Colorado rolling over a mixture of pavement and gravel roads to nearly the distance of 69 miles. Named after the Paris Roubaix or sometimes referred to as The Hell of the North.  Read more

                    • CSU to Host “Tour Baby Deux”

                      Submitted by Kris Thompson on January 13th, 2008

                      Mark your calendars for Jan 31st because that is when The Collegiate Tour Baby is rolling into Fort Collins. This event is a fundraiser for both collegiate cycling and the The Davis Phinney Foundation and at the event film maker, Scott Cody, will premier his latest film, The Tour Deux.  Read more