• What is it Like Having a V02 and Lactate Test Done?

    Submitted by Kris Thompson on December 6th, 2007

    What is it like to have a V02 and lactate test done? Read more

    • The Simple Life of a Bike Racer

      Submitted by Kris Thompson on December 5th, 2007

      I’ve heard it said how many times that professional bike racers have a simple life. That’s not to say that racing isn’t hard but that they don’t have many external requirements (no (desk)job, family, house, etc). They just have to ride, race and rest. I never wish to be a professional cyclist myself, I know it is hard even if you are gifted, however I do often dream of the pros lifestyle, especially when I’m two weeks away from Nationals and I *struggle* to find 1 hour where I can get some basic training in. Read more