• Friday Fun – Hysterical video: men try to free bike from electric fence

    Submitted by 303cycling on January 20th, 2017

    https://youtu.be/eUL56vrK75I “Whilst pedalling today my mate Paul went to put his bike over a fence. Half way though he realised that it was electric! So he dropped it on the fence. This is a video of him and my mateRead More

    • Friday Fun: Scared of the Rollers? Any 3-year-old can do it

      Submitted by 303cycling on January 13th, 2017

      • Friday Fun – Santa Killin the Game

        Submitted by 303cycling on December 23rd, 2016

        Santa wins races and delivers presents on time! Read more

        • Friday Fun: Horntones – custom MP3 bike bells…

          Submitted by 303cycling on December 2nd, 2016

          It’s what we wish we would’ve had as a kid as we rolled up to the playground. But, it’s not too late. Not for you, me or your kids. There are seven different tones to choose from and I’ve had the pleasure of having all seven around my house for the past month.  Read more

          • 9 Things you can do on a Bike, but not at the Office

            Submitted by 303cycling on November 18th, 2016

            From Bicycling Magazine

            • For your Friday: Bicycle Dating App

              Submitted by 303cycling on October 21st, 2016

              Their tag line is, “Date someone who loves the outdoors…” Ever met a romantic prospect at a bar or on a dating app, who promised they share your love of bikes… only to find out after a disastrous outdoor adventureRead More

              • Friday Fun: “Dark Arts” of Cyclocross Video

                Submitted by 303cycling on September 23rd, 2016

                “Team Super Awesome” out of Texas put together this little video covering the “dark arts” of Cyclocross, including cornering take-downs, straight-for-the-jugular heckling, hand-up follow-through, and podium clothing & etiquette. . . They say, “Watch and learn, mortals.” *language alert forRead More

                • Venus de Miles: A Tour for the Women

                  Submitted by 303cycling on August 26th, 2016

                  Ladies, registration for the 2016 Venus de Miles bike tour closes tonight at 9pm and will be available ride morning, Saturday August 27

                  Don’t miss this great ride that raises money to support Greenhouse Scholars. Read more

                  • 2016 Mount Evans Bicycle Race Photos

                    Submitted by Erin Trail on July 29th, 2016

                    The Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb is an iconic bicycle race that takes place on the highest paved road in the United States. Celebrating it’s 50th year, it was run for the first time in 1962 and hasRead More

                    • Friday Fun: Team Sky boys meet their Minis

                      Submitted by 303cycling on July 29th, 2016

                      In case you missed this gem earlier in the week…   And that’s a wrap! Now that the Tour is over the Team Sky boys meet their Minis and get asked the tough questions.