• Going to Church: Colorado Cyclists Head to Belgium

    Submitted by 303cycling on March 31st, 2016

    A pilgrimage is defined as a difficult journey to a sacred place to find meaning and pay homage. On Sunday, Belgium will host the cycling world in such a journey to watch the 100th edition of the Tour of Flanders, known more globally by its Flemish moniker: De Ronde van Vlaanderen. It comes on the heels of a truly horrible time for Belgium…
    303Cycling briefly caught up with Brett Richard of Handlebar Mustache before he departed for Belgium, to find what this kind of trip means at a time like this.

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    • Last Day for Vuelta a Dillon and Snowmass Loop MTB Fondo Discounts

      Submitted by 303cycling on March 31st, 2016

      The 2016 Prestige Imports Vuelta a Dillon’s $65 discounted entry fee ends 3/31/2016. This event takes place 8/13/2016.
      The inaugural 2016 Prestige Imports Snowmass Loop 20 and 40 mile MTB Fondo’s rollout price of $45 ends 3/31/16. Use promo code “LOOP” to take advantage of this offer… Read more

      • Women’s Wednesday: Down and Dirty with Polar Bottle

        Submitted by 303cycling on March 30th, 2016

        You can never have too many reusable water bottles. A couple for each bike, for sport practices and several to be left and lost.

        Polar Bottle, right here in Boulder County, offers a great selection of bottles and they are guaranteed.

        Check out Cheri’s review and how the bottles survived her family vacation in Utah. Read more

        • The Pro’s Closet sells minority stake for $2.5 million

          Submitted by 303cycling on March 28th, 2016

          From Bicycle Retailer

          The eBay seller plans a national trade-in program for bike shops. Read more

          • Georgia Gould sets sights on Third Olympics

            Submitted by 303cycling on March 27th, 2016

            Here is a fascinating in-depth article about Georgia Gould, Fort Collins resident (because she’s “too dorky” for Boulder), “lazy” beekeeper, and world renown mountain biker, as she readies to secure one of four U.S. Olympic team spots. Her path has definitely had some ups and downs.

            “Aside from physically giving up the race, I totally gave up,” Gould said. “I came back to the team area and I just said, ‘I’m done. I’ve worked too hard for this to be this miserable. I’m doing worse than ever, I’m trying harder than ever, I’m done.’ ” Read more

            • Friday Fun: Katie Macarelli is the very definition

              Submitted by 303cycling on March 25th, 2016

              From Bicycle Colorado

              ‘A lifestyle I truly believe in’: member spotlight on Katie Macarelli

              I’ve been blown off roads, I’ve been chased by cars and dogs. I’ve had lovely conversations with construction workers. I’ve high-fived the UPS guy getting out of his van. I’ve cleaned up blood from myself and my kids. I’ve been lost. I’ve cried on the bike. I’ve whooped for my daughters as they led me to the grocery store, following all the rules of the road… Read more

              • Coming Soon: Golden Bike Library

                Submitted by 303cycling on March 25th, 2016

                Goldenites and visitors will soon have a new way to cruise around town when the Golden Bike Library is launched this summer.

                Partnering with the Golden Visitor’s Center, the Golden Optimists, RTD, the Jefferson County public health department and several Golden bike shops, the city will launch its bike library on June 22 — when the state celebrates Bike to Work Day. Read more

                • Weekend Preview: Plenty to Keep Your Mind Off the Snow

                  Submitted by 303cycling on March 24th, 2016

                  A little reminder from Mother Nature that while technically it’s Spring, don’t put those winter clothes and trainers in the back of the closet yet.

                  Don’t let a little Spring snow derail your weekend and catch some of the great events going on this weekend. Read more

                  • Teen who killed Fort Collins cyclist avoids jail time

                    Submitted by 303cycling on March 23rd, 2016

                    From The Coloradoan

                    Coming off a year when two cyclists were killed by drivers in and near Fort Collins, officials have unveiled a new restorative justice pilot program that will keep some offenders — including a teen who killed one rider — out of jail… Read more

                    • North American Hand Bicycle Show, Take a Little Trip

                      Submitted by 303cycling on March 22nd, 2016

                      Have you ever been to a consumer show? It can be overwhelming. Once you get over the initial panic and giddiness, it’s a lot like being in a candy store.

                      The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is a convention center full of bicycles, anything your mind can imagine.

                      Lauren Greenfield takes us on a trip through the show. Might want to mark you calendar for next year.

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