Caroline and Caroline, World Class Women and Athletes in Every Way in Very Different Ways, Fun Bike Shop talk

By Bill Plock

One Caroline will race for 30 hours non-stop, the other will race faster than anyone on the planet for one hour. One makes key lime pies for the shop, the other will gladly eat that pie. One finished second in last years’ Ultra Triathlon and will be doing the Double Anvil in June (4.8 miles of swimming, 224 miles of bicycling, and 52.4 miles of running). The other started her career as a motocross racer, switched to a bike and won the silver in the World Cyclocross Championship. Caroline Bloom is the “crazy” who goes long. Caroline Mani is the multi-time French National Cyclocross Champion and silver medalists who is the “crazy” that goes fast.

In the book boiut cyclocross, “Rainbows in the Mud” author Paul Maunder described Mani, “Mani is always expressive, she rides on emotion. There is no coolness to her, no mask. Fans love her because they can see written on her face all the pain she is going through, but at the same time they can see the absolute focus an her love for the sport.”

At the shop they do a little of everything and lot of one thing–taking good care of customers and fellow employees. But more so they have a lot of fun and opposite as they are in some respects, they are a great team and very fun to listen to! Give it go, you will enjoy this banter, enjoy some shop tales and learn more about this fun, accomplished women with very bright futures!

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