Caffeine could be headed to World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited substance list

From the Washington Post

Studies have shown caffeine can increase speed and stamina. (Juan Cristobal Cobo/Bloomberg)

Utah Jazz forward Boris Diaw doesn’t go a day without his daily dose of coffee, and now neither do many of his teammates. The 34-year-old Frenchman turned his team onto the caffeinated beverage after being traded last summer from the San Antonio Spurs and now it’s practically a tradition to sip espresso before games. Diaw has even traveled with his own mini barista bar.
But what if Diaw, the Jazz and the countless other athletes who regularly consume caffeine had to give up it up? According to Russian Federal Microbiological Agency chief Vladimir Uiba, that could be coming.

“Caffeine,” he told Russian news agency TASS last week, “is currently on WADA’s waiting list of prohibited substances. If it eventually makes its way into the list of the prohibited substances, we will be forced to recommend everyone against drinking coffee as well as soft drinks containing caffeine.”

“Theoretically, it can happen this year,” Uiba added.


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