BRAC Changes Name to Colorado Cycling and Re-defines Mission

Denver, Colorado.  Colorado Cycling (formerly the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado) is proud to release its new logo and mission statement.  The organization changed its name this spring to reflect its new identity and mission, which is to support the full spectrum of cycling events in our great state.  “Rather than focusing our energy on solely the traditional forms of bicycle racing, the organization is now committed to supporting, enhancing, and growing the sport in all its forms, including road, mountain, track, gravel, cyclocross, triathlon, high school league and fundraising events,” said Andy Johnson, Board President.

Colorado Cycling has adopted a new mission statement that reflects this change:

Colorado Cycling advances the sport by inspiring our community to experience cycling events in the Rocky Mountain region.”

In addition, Colorado Cycling has created a new logo for the organization, which illustrates the organization’s 45 years of service to the cycling community.  It features the red rider image that has been part of the organization’s identity for decades, and incorporates the familiar blue, red and yellow of the state flag.

Colorado Cycling is your premier resource for cycling events in Colorado and southeastern Wyoming.  Since 1976, the organization has proudly served the needs of the Colorado cycling community, including athletes, event directors and race officials.  Colorado Cycling is governed by a board of directors that is elected by our members and run by professional staff that is highly experienced in the sport.  

Colorado Cycling hosts meetings, trainings, awards events, clinics, and camps throughout the year to improve and unify the sport of cycling.  This includes planning meetings for event directors, trainings for officials, awards parties, and athlete clinics and camps that build confidence, improve safety, and offer a better cycling experience for juniors, women, and beginning racers.  In addition, Colorado Cycling owns and maintains an Event Kit that includes cones, signage, barriers, course stakes, registration materials, podiums, lap counters, and much more. This Kit is available for event directors at a price that helps keep events affordable for the event director and the athlete. Colorado Cycling owns and manages season-points competitions:  these are the Cup Series for road, track, and cyclo-cross. In the future, we hope to host points competitions for mountain bike and gravel events as well. 

Colorado Cycling is proudly affiliated with USA Cycling (USAC).  USAC, located in Colorado Springs, is the governing body for bicycle racing in the country.  As the Local Association of USAC, we are involved with results validation, event permitting, assigning officials, and managing the season’s event calendar. Colorado Cycling also acts as the Conference Director for the Rocky Mountain and Intermountain Collegiate Conferences, managing road and MTB events for collegiate athletes.

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