Boulder’s Stages Cycling New StagesBike, Very Real Indoor Ride Experience

Boulder, CO–Stages Cycling recently rolled out a new indoor bike with micro adjustments on all fronts making it perfect for a household of cyclists looking to have the most real riding experience in their homes. The StagesBike accommodates various electronics and software aps to connect to virtual rides.

Real Bike Feel.

At the heart of the StagesBike is a smooth, silent electronic resistance unit providing up to 3000 watts of stunningly realistic road feel right down to each electronic gear change. An oversized flywheel makes climbing, acceleration and coasting feel spot on. Standard road bars and saddle included—and both can be swapped for your personal favorites, including aero bars.

Real Bike Fit.

With micro-adjust saddle fore/aft adjustment and handlebar reach/stack with laser-etched sizing scales, adjustable brake hoods and crank arm settings ranging from 165mm to 175mm, you can tune the StagesBike to precisely replicate the fit and feel of your favorite bike and get the most out of your indoor miles.

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StagesBike brake hoods incorporate electronic shift buttons and separate ‘sprint’ buttons. Riders can customize the function of each button and choose between several virtual drivetrains simulating a variety of popular bike setups. And with functional brake levers and steering buttons, the StagesBike is ready for the evolution of indoor cycling.

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Its designed by the indoor cycling experts with a fitness studio-quality and a quiet, maintenance-free Gates Carbon belt drive for countless miles of trouble-free indoor riding.

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Compatible with Everything.

The StagesBike will be optimized for the most popular indoor cycling platforms including Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, Rouvy, Road Grand Tours, FulGaz, Kinomap and others, with ANT and Bluetooth connectivity for all control modes. Equipped with several control modes for use with 3rd party apps or stand alone. Two USB charging ports keep your devices juiced up during your ride, and an integrated adjustable tablet holder makes it easy to see the action. 

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  1. Stephen Traum

    I live in Boulder and would like to see bike in person prior to purchase.

    • Bill Plock

      Hi Stephen, Right now there unfortunately is no way to see it in person. We are in contact with Stages and can share a contact with you for more questions. Please email me and I will get you in touch. thanks


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