Boulder’s Sam Long wins Chattanooga 70.3, 28mph Bike Split!

There are many story lines to Boulder’s Sam Long taking first place at yesterday’s IRONMAN Chattanooga 70.3, but this quote from the Facebook page of the Wednesday Morning Velo, sums up the local cheering (and maybe some jeering) that accompanied Sam to Tennessee. And is a testament to just how awesome of a performance he had finishing in 3:48:50. 

Congrats to “Threshold Group” honcho, Sam Long, for taking the WIN at yesterday’s IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga, including a race best bike split of 2:04:06 for 56 miles… that’s almost 28mph! See if you can hang on next time Sam joins us at WMV

The official news from IRONMAN:

Boulder’s Sam Long worked hard to eliminate all of his +3:20 time deficit and 14th place finish in the swim over the 56-mile single loop bike course. Coming off the bike with lead and then laying down a solid 1:15:22 run, Long took the victory by a 1:53 winning margin over Jackson Laundry (CAN).

You can hear more about Sam on this interview on Mile High Endurance Podcast with Rich Soares and Bill Plock (of 303), LINK HERE

One thought on “Boulder’s Sam Long wins Chattanooga 70.3, 28mph Bike Split!

  1. While a cool story, this shows how useless the swim leg is in an ironman and the fundamental problem triathlon has. Because lots of triathletes neglect to learn to swim properly and put themselves in danger during the swim, ironman can’t make the swim leg as long as it should be to balance the three disciplines.

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