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The Boulder Roubaix is a road race that takes place in the northern part of Boulder Colorado rolling over a mixture of pavement and gravel roads to nearly the distance of 69 miles. Named after the Paris Roubaix or sometimes referred to as The Hell of the North. The race is usually raced in the spring time, much like the Paris Roubaix testing the riders ability to handle the endurance and sometimes weather. The gravel sections of the course really give the race its unique character that nearly no other race can compare to. Many big names have raced and won this event like Danny Pate, Will Frishorn, Scott Moninger, Chris Baldwin, etc.


The Boulder Roubaix was started in 1992 by Chris Grealish on very much the same course it runs today. After 92 it moved to the Boulder Rez for awhile before it died but was later picked back up Chris by Clark Sheehan as part of the Boulder Stage Race. Please correct if wrong but the 2012 race will be the 17th time it has taken place.

Courses, past and present

There have been many variations of the Boulder Roubaix course, the most typical one is the same course as the 2008 Boulder Roubaix Course. There has also been one that runs through the Boulder Rez facility and in 2010 DBCEvents introduced the longer course which looks to be the same as the 2014 course

Past Winners

Men’s Winners Women’s Winners
  • 2015 Cesar Grajales
  • 2012 Frank Pipp
  • 2011 Mead Roubaix
  • 2010 Jay Robert Thomson
  • 2009 Was not held
  • 2008 Jonathan Baker
  • 2007 Chuck Coyle Interview
  • 2006 Chris Baldwin
  • 2005 Paul Esposti
  • 2004 Chris Baldwin
  • 2003 Will Frischkorn
  • 2002 Danny Pate
  • 2001 Chris Fisher
  • 2000 Submit Winner
  • 1999 David Klinger
  • 1998 Steve Speaks?
  • 1997 Submit Winner
  • 1996 Submit Winner
  • 1995 Rishi Grewal
  • 1994 Dirk Friel
  • 2015 Lucianne Conklin
  • 2012 Alison Powers (2nd win, 2006)
  • 2011 Mead Roubaix
  • 2010 Mara Abbott
  • 2009 Was not held
  • 2008 Mara Abbott
  • 2007 Katie Monahan
  • 2006 Alison Powers
  • 2005 Kim Anderson
  • 2004 Joanne Kiesanowski
  • 2003 Katrina Grove
  • 2002 Katie Compton
  • 2001 Gretchen Reeves
  • 2000 Anna Millward (Wilson)
  • 1999 Dede (Demet
  • 1998Submit Winner
  • 1997Submit Winner
  • 1996Submit Winner
  • 1995 Julia Fulwyler

Highlights from the past

One year it was on the National Racing Calendar Series and pros from all the US teams did the race. One year the 2 guys in the PRO 1-2 breakaway thought they were being caught by some lapped rider when in fact he outsprinted them for the WIN after he caught them with 100 meters to go on the last lap and ha been chasing for 20 + miles solo.

2012 Boulder Roubaix Coverage

2010 Boulder Roubaix Coverage

2007 Boulder Roubaix Photos: Dmoynihan

2006 Photos, Dmoynihan

2005 Boulder Roubaix

2004 Boulder Roubaix

2003 Boulder Roubaix

1999 Boulder Roubaix (Video)

1995 Boulder Roubaix


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