Boulder Valley Velodrome: The $4.7 Million facility is for Sale

by Cheri Felix

Well, if you haven’t heard yet, the Boulder Valley Velodrome (BVV), the $4.7 million facility is for sale. Boneshaker, LLC, owners of the BVV believe the site and the business are primed for growth. The facility was designed by renowned architect Peter Junek and the facility was developed by Boneshaker, LLC (Doug Emerson owner of University Bicycles and Frank Banta owner of Frank Banta Construction).

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve never been to the track but if you’re also like me, you have about 50 friends on Facebook who routinely post their smiling faces riding around the BVV track very fast. It has always looked very intriguing but I just haven’t made it out there yet. And I’m hoping the right buyer comes along so I’ll get my chance yet.

The BVV offers classes and training sessions as well as rentals for cyclists (like me) who don’t own a track bike. The facility has everything it needs and it’s already permitted and zoned for a potential clubhouse and spectator stands. It’s a thrilling and welcoming place for novices (again, like me) as well Olympian level athletes and everyone in between. Boneshaker ultimately hopes a buyer will come in and continue what they’ve started. Hopefully it will continue to be an inclusive place for athletes of all abilities and for the cycling community. And ultimately, we all hope that a future owner will build on the community’s growing love and interest in track cycling.

Please read the press release for more details and interested buyers should contact

World-Class Boulder Valley Velodrome For Sale
Beloved facility in Colorado’s Front Range seeks buyer for unique opportunity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Erie, CO) — Boneshaker, LLC, owners of the Boulder Valley Velodrome, Boulder County’s premier outdoor cycling track announced today that the $4.7 million facility is for sale. The track was designed by renowned architect Peter Junek and the facility developed by Boneshaker, LLC (Doug Emerson owner of University Bicycles and Frank Banta owner of Frank Banta Construction).

Embracing a spirit of inclusivity and community since its inception, Boulder Valley Velodrome draws people from around the world, hosting innumerable training sessions, races, camps, fundraisers, corporate parties, and cycling team events. From Olympians with advanced training needs to young families trying track cycling for the first time, it’s a space for anyone looking to experience the thrill of riding or racing on a state-of-the-art velodrome.

At 250 meters long, the Olympic-caliber wooden track sits on a fully developed 4.2 acre lot surrounded on two sides by 10 acres of open space. The fully operating facility features a parking lot, storage bunker, exterior lights, changing rooms, and infield restrooms; amenities such as a clubhouse and spectator stands are already zoned and fully permitted. Other desirable attributes include the facility’s committed membership base of more than 200 people, an experienced staff, an army of community volunteers, and more than 30 highly engaged sponsors. Situated just west of Interstate 25, with easy access to Denver International Airport and Colorado’s entire Front Range, Erie is one of the area’s fastest-growing communities.

Boneshaker has taken this project as far as they are able, and they know how much more it can become. As track cycling increases in popularity, offering an alternative to riding on the road, and as Colorado’s Front Range population continues to surge, the velodrome is ripe with potential. Emerson and Banta feel the time is right to sell to an investor with the requisite vision and desire to help it grow. This would be a fitting next chapter in the velodrome’s ‘Cinderella’ story.

“All the heavy lifting is done. More than a decade has passed, and Frank and I, we’ve reached the point in life where our priorities are shifting, ” Emerson says. “Grandstands, retail and office space, international events — you name it, people are asking for it; there’s a demand. There’s an incredible opportunity here for someone with fresh energy and the means and passion to invest.”

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About Boulder Valley Velodrome
Founded by Frank Banta and Doug Emerson, and designed by renowned track architect Peter Junek, Boulder Valley Velodrome is an Olympic-caliber bicycle-racing track that boasts the angles and altitude for some of North America’s best riding. The track offers classes, training sessions, racing and private rental for cyclists of all skill levels, and welcomes spectators anytime the gates are open—no admission fee.

Visit for more information and watch our Promotional Video to find out why our velodrome is so special. For questions about memberships, events, or riding the velodrome, please contact


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