Boulder Road Closures – Fourmile Canyon Drive and Gold Run Road Temporary Bicycle Restriction

From the Lefthand Fire Department and the Boulder County Firefighters’ Association:

Please help spread the word far and wide to help keep folks out of trouble and help the mountain communities complete their flood recovery projects sooner. This closure only applies to Four Mile Canyon and Gold Run. Feel free to share among shops, coffee houses, group rides etc.

From the Boulder County Transportation Department:

Boulder County, through its contractors, is currently working on multiple flood recovery—related construction projects along Fourmile Canyon Drive and Gold Run Road. Due to heavy construction-related activity in Fourmile Canyon and the narrow and curvy nature of canyon roads, Boulder County Transportation has deemed the area unsafe for recreational cycling; therefore, Fourmile Canyon is hereby closed to recreational cycling during regularly scheduled construction hours – 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday – until construction is complete or the area is once again deemed safe for recreational cycling. Boulder County has the authority to regulate bicycle traffic on streets and highways under C.R.S. 42-4-111.

Recreational cyclists will not be allowed during the times and locations described above. Area residents who rely on cycling for their daily commute will be allowed to ride in the canyon during working hours. Residential cyclists must carry identification that proves they live in Fourmile Canyon. If their identification does not provide a canyon address, they will need to carry two pieces of mail that show their name and an address in the canyon.

Anyone found riding in the canyon during restricted hours without identification proving they are a resident could be subject to citation by local law enforcement.

The restriction is being enforced to help maintain a safe work environment for residents and construction crews alike. The safety of everyone in the county is the primary concern of the Transportation Department.

This memorandum documents the temporary bicycle closure of Fourmile Canyon Drive and Gold Run Road as described above. The Sheriff’s Office and Road Maintenance concur with this recommendation.

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