Bike to Work Day, Wed! Info to Know

By Bill Plock

Hopefully Summer will be, well Summer on Wednesday for the annual Bike to Work day. This has become an enormous event with an estimated 30,000 plus people taking to the streets and paths. There are hundreds of official breakfast stations and afternoon water and party stops blanketing the front range.

What you may not know is that Bike to Work Day isn’t just a random day picked to encourage people to commute to work on their bike. The Denver Regional Council of Governments, a.k.a DrCog, organized this event to not only introduce the idea of bike commuting, but to encourage interest in the effort to think of alternative forms of transportation and bring awareness of all the initiatives happening to ease congestion and fight pollution. Not to mention the health aspects of riding bikes.

Here is a link that list all the stations, times of operation, location and what to expect.

Here is a link to the Way to Go home page: HERE

To learn more about DRCOG and all the initiatives they are undertaking, please go HERE

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