Agressive Lyons driver tracked, reported, cited

By Lester Pardoe

Hi there all cycling folks….. especially those that live near Lyons/Boulder.

As many of you know I don’t ride on the road much, due to a healthy fear of cars. Over the weekend I went for a dirt road ride, covering 3-4 quiet miles out and back on pavement to get to the dirt.
Twice during my ride a silver sedan got right on my hip, leaned on the horn despite having tons of room… the 2nd time he forced me off the road…. I stayed upright, a little shaken….

Knowing there was a long steep downhill ahead, with a stop sign to cross the busy highway at the bottom, I gave chase. Using my extra winter weight to my advantage I caught the car on the downhill and was able to snap a quick photo of the plate at the stop sign, get a description of the driver, and then I got out of there ASAP.

I rode to the Sherrif’s office and filed a report where I was treated with 100% courtesy and professionalism. They took it seriously and followed up with two phone calls later that day….

The sheriff’s office caught up with the driver and chatted with him. He admitted to an “accidental conflict” (therefore admitting he passed with-in the 3-foot law) and has been charged (with what I do not exactly know). He meets with the DA soon and will be offered a lesser charge. If he accepts that he pays a fine, if not I get to see him in court in 3 months or so…. The Deputy says at a minimum this young 20’s driver has had the crap scared out of him by a Sherriff’s visit, and is now VERY educated on road rights and 3-foot laws. He also now has a history of car-bike conflicts on record, leading to potentially greater charges if he should ever be involved in a similar incident again.

SO…. my takeaway
1) Ride Carefully
2) Avoid further conflict
3) Snap a photo and get a description
4) Report it. It DOES get taken seriously.
Big props to the Boulder County Sherrif based in Lyons and Deputy Peebles!

One thought on “Agressive Lyons driver tracked, reported, cited

  1. Which is one reason why I ride with GoPro cameras front and rear on all my rides.
    Once or twice a year I give video to the police who take action.

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