ADVOCACY: Current Cycling Issues in the Colorado General Assembly

From Bicycle Colorado

The 2017 legislative session in Colorado convened on January 11. The session is limited to 120 days and will adjourn May 10. In that short time, there is much work to be done.

Check out the Bicycle Colorado Current Issues Page to learn more about:

-Support a state transportation funding measure that includes dedicated bike/walk funding
The bill’s first hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22.

-Support higher penalties for texting while driving
UPDATE: The bill passed the senate and moved to the house.

-Stop the practice of rolling coal (an intentional blast of black diesel smoke from a passing vehicle)
UPDATE: The bill passed the house on 2/22 but failed in a senate committee. However, on 3/14, it was reported that Sen. Don Coram (R-Montrose) plans to introduce a similar bill later this session targeted at stopping drivers who harass others by blasting smoke from their diesel trucks.

-Clarify statewide eBike regulations
Some trips are too long, too hilly, or have cargo too heavy (like children) for regular bikes to meet the need. Electric bikes (eBikes) can help solve the problem. Most often, they are used to replace car trips.”
UPDATE: The bill passed the house on 2/23 and passed the Senate Transportation Committee 3/14. It is now before the full senate.

-Safety Stop Bill
UPDATE: On February 7, the bill failed 3-2 (and therefore did not make it out of the Senate Transportation Committee). However, there was strong support from across the state. You can still sign our petition supporting the Safety Stop! Signing it will help us demonstrate support.

Visit the Bicycle Colorado Current Issues Page for full detail on these matters.

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