9th Annual Boulder Cup

The Boulder Cup is one of those iconic races that “everyone” is at. It’s Valmont at it’s finest. Whether you race it or just go ring your bell and try not to spill your beer, this is a race you want on your calendar. And be aware that it’s earlier this year. RIGHT after Interbike (Sunday, September 14th).

And speaking of dates–because this backs up to Interbike, we’ve got some racers from out of the country who are looking for host housing. If you’ve never opened up your home to a traveling racer, you’re missing out. It’s an easy, fun way to give back to the sport you love. These racers are looking for a place to lay their weary, fast bodies from Friday-Sunday. If you’re interested, please contact Chris Grealish at chris@dbcevents.com.

Check out the video below for some inspiration and do yourself a favor: PRE-REGISTER. Save yourself $10 (and eliminate the urge to back out).

Boulder Cup 2014 v3 from SweetSadieINC on Vimeo.

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