303’s Guide for Velo Swap

VeloSwap 2018 is your place for amazing deals on bikes, gear and more

Since 1989, VeloSwap has been Denver’s best way to find a great deal on new, used, and vintage cycling gear—as well as to reconnect with Colorado’s incredible community of bike-related organizations. If you enjoy riding, you belong at VeloSwap.

Saturday, November 3, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216

The main draw at VeloSwap is the incredible collection of cycling gear that’s on display from retailers, manufacturers, and from cyclists looking to sell some gear. You’ll find clearance pricing on end-of-season and previous model year bicycles, apparel, components, rare treasures, and vintage collector’s items.

Spend a few hours strolling around the floor at the National Western Complex and you’ll enjoy a real safari of cycling-related stuff but walking in the front door with a plan in mind will help you get the most from VeloSwap. Planning for the event helps it feel less overwhelming and helps you take full advantage of the deals, educational programs and all that VeloSwap has to offer! We put together this blog post to help you—Bicycle Colorado members and supporters—plan your day at the event (but winging it is always an option, too) with some insider tips and tricks.

First off, what is VeloSwap?
Rows and rows of discount new, used, clearance, and overstock clothing, gear, components, gifts, memorabilia, and more sold direct from manufacturers, retailers, and fellow riders. You’ll be able to touch and feel the merch, test ride bikes, get demos from knowledgeable staff, as well as find plenty of information and handouts from bike brands, local shops, nonprofits and other bike junkies.

Your plan of attack
While you’re waiting in line for the doors to open, fill out the raffle entry that is printed on your ticket. You can drop these off inside VeloSwap at the VeloLounge for a chance to win great cycling-related prizes. (You don’t need to be present to win.)

VeloSwap Schedule
9 a.m. VeloSwap opens
All Day: Drop your ticket stub for the raffle at the VeloLounge
All Day: Stop by the Performance Bike table for wrenching and guidance
11 a.m.-2 p.m. VeloSwap will offer a selection of guest speakers and local cycling personalities who will discuss topics as wide-ranging as Gear & Tech, Bike Fit, Safe Cycling and much more!
4 p.m. Doors close

There are plenty of programs at specific locations, including education at Bikes Together, wrenching and guidance at Performance Bike and more—click here to learn more.

“Navigating this 130,000-square-foot space, stuffed with 350 vendors, ranging from that bike dork next door to professional bike-shop staff, nonprofits and brand sales reps, can be challenging but also part of the bike-fanatic fun.” —GrindTV

Cash Is King
Cash is definitely the preferred method of payment at VeloSwap, though some vendors may have portable credit card scanners available. Checks might work for some vendors, but don’t count on it.

How much cash should you bring? That depends on what you are shopping for. If you think you might just pick up a few pairs of, $20 will probably be fine. If you are looking for a new carbon road bike or a full-suspension mountain bike, the savings at VeloSwap are often incredible, but you’ll still need to be packing a wad of cash.

Do people haggle? VeloSwap vendors are accustomed to negotiating on pricing, but they are also smart business people who don’t want to feel robbed! If you’re not satisfied with a price or on the fence about a purchase, feel free to ask what else the vendor might offer. VeloSwap is often the last opportunity for vendors to offload excess inventory to make room for the holidays, so asking for an add-on is often a smart tactic. For example, the vendor might be unable to lower the price on a new bike, but they might be willing to throw in a jersey or a helmet for free. Just remember that you’re more likely to get the product you want at a fair price if you’re willing to find a middle ground.

And here’s a real bargain-hunter’s inside tip: the longer you stay at VeloSwap, the deeper the discounts. The best gear will sell early in the day, but the real screaming deals begin after 2 p.m.

“One of the best parts of VeloSwap is it’s not all buttoned up like a pro branded bike show. You’ve got to love the nerdy vintage-bike guys; the ex-pros doling out gently used items (and advice) for next to nothing; and the “make me an offer” folks who still appreciate the fine art of haggling.” – GrindTV

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