303Radio: Ken Gart and Luis Benitez

Haibike, a Colorado company and leading manufacturer of Ebikes proudly presents 303Radio’s conversation with Luis Benitez, Colorado’s Director of Outdoor Recreation and Ken Gart, Colorado’s Bike Czar.

In this edition of 303Radio, we focus on the state of cycling in Colorado and how Luis and Ken work together to ensure having the best possible environment for cyclists and triathletes to participate in their sports and how they work to promote the industry as well. They work closely with the Governors office to implement policies and uphold Governor Hickenlooper’s pledge to make Colorado the best cycling state in the country. Ken Gart talks about the return of pro racing in Colorado with the Colorado Classic and Luis Benitez talks about how states are competing for outdoor recreation industry partners and how he worked with Haibike to locate in Colorado.


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