303Endurance, “Capturing Amazing People Doing Extraordinary Things”

By Bill Plock

People ask me what is 303? My answer before March might have been a little different answer than today. Different but not really. It’s always been about the endurance community; offering a place to find information, read stories about people, events and the industry that supports it all. Connecting everything.

Like everyone, Covid has made us re-look at things. It crushed our advertising support that centered around events primarily. We had already been moving to broadly expand our coverage and interest well beyond races and events. Last year we committed major capital to buying a media trailer with the intention of rolling to races and rides all summer. This trailer is hand built by Colorado Teardrops in Boulder. We can produce videos and photos with people standing on top. We can do interviews and podcasts inside So now what?

Last week we got the trailer decorated and debuted it at the Audi-Primal/MS virtual ride and parked it at the old ranger station in Idaho Springs. The idea is to be in key places, meeting people and sharing stories. Our new tag line is:

Capturing Amazing People Doing Extraordinary Things

Our mission statement is:

An athlete-Driven, digital network to share stories, resources, and event coverage that inspires, informs and connects the Endurance Communities and helps advocate for safe and fun access to places to challenge ourselves while supporting partners that make our experiences epic.

We are excited to have writers and contributors like Ryan Muncy, Rob Quinn, Jessica McWhirt, Jennifer Blain, Kyle Coon, Jody Legg, Becky Furuta join our staff of Khem Suthiwan, Rich Soares and Kenny Withrow and Bill Plock.

Bill Plock

We are committed to growing our content and welcome guest submissions and advertising/marketing partners. If you are interested in participating, please email Bill Plock at bill@303colorado.com. It could be stories, photos, journals, poetry, who knows!

If your company has a position to fill, our jobs page is our second most looked at page. You can submit a job posting there.

We are excited to partner with Primal to do some cool content and many other things, especially with the We Ride 4 organization that raises money for non-profits and organizes cycling events for people of all abilities. We will also be partnering with Buddy Insurance, an insurance product where athlete can buy “day of” health insurance to cover them as they do these epic things!

Our other key partners of Team Evergreen, BASE Performance Nutrition, Blue Competition Cycles remain to help us continue to bring more and more to the Endurance communities.

303 Endurance Podcast

But it goes beyond the trailer of course. We formally merged with Rich Soares and Mile High Endurance Podcast earlier this year which is now the 303Endurance Podcast. Some of our recent guests include: Erin Carson, Rocky Harris, Chris Anthony, Russell Finsterwald, Kalan Beisel, Heather Gollnick and over the years we have had some of the biggest, most interesting personalities share their worlds with us including Bob Babbitt, Mike Reilly, Tyler Hamilton, Siri Lindley, Ellen Hart and many more.

Rich Soares

We are sponsored by Venga CBD (in Steamboat) and UCAN nutrition. This is a weekly show with over 200 episodes. Rich has been diligently producing this podcast for over 4 years! We would really appreciate you subscribing to it. It’s found on all popular podcast services. You find the most recent episodes on the tab on the home page and play a show directly from there.

The entire library is available at https://303endurance.libsyn.com


303TV, our YouTube channel, found HERE has been a bit dormant until COVID organically gave us the gumption to dust it off a bit and create Garage Talks and Bike Check. Garage talks started with owner of Without Limits, Lance Panigutti wanting to directly tell our audience about how the Corona Virus was impacting. Our subscriptions have more than tripled in the last month, please subscribe!

Kenny Withrow

Kenny Withrow is the talent behind the lens and Ryan Muncy has provided some amazing photos with two our guests, Shawn Ferrell, director of Bicycle Racing Assoc of Colorado and legendary race announcer Dave Towle. We have interviewed many guests and learned some interesting things behind the names many of you know; Megan Hottman, Deirdre Moynihan, Ryan Muncy, Dana Willett, Pete Piccolo, Todd Lytle, Brad James and Elorie Slater.

Stay tuned for more, we have some exciting guests coming up!

Khem Suthiwan

Our Newsletter

Each week Khem Suthiwan puts a recap together and we often add in some other nuggets of news from the weekend. This will drop in your in–box every Tuesday with exception of holiday weeks. This is newly sponsored by Campus Cycles. We never sell this list and it’s a very valuable asset to us with an extremely high open rate.

Please please subscribe! Here is a link to do that: SUBSCRIBE HERE

2020 is only half over, stay tuned!!! Keep reading, watching, listening and sharing! Get outside!

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